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Celebrating Local Talents: Padma Hotels Collaborates With Three Artists


As an Indonesian hotel brand, Padma Hotels, with its five properties spread across Indonesia, takes pride in embodying its core principles of design, service, and locality. Evident in each hotel's modern contemporary style, impeccable service and unique facilities, each property reflects these values. Recently, four of its hotels: Padma Hotel Semarang, Padma Resort Legian, Padma Resort Ubud, and Padma Hotel Bandung partnered with Mata Angin agency to collaborate with talented local artists from Yogyakarta, Bali, and Bandung. Together, they created out-of-the-box illustrations adorning guest key cards and greeting cards, adding a touch of local flair and creativity to the guest experience.

Initiated at Padma Hotel Semarang, the collaboration project showcases the creative works of a Yogyakarta-based duo, Indiguerillas. Together, they created a modern contemporary version of Punakawan, infusing it with their unique artistic style. The selection of the Punakawan series stems from its status as one of the most renowned tales in Java. In the series, three Punakawan characters; Petruk Kanthong Bolong, Nala Gareng, and Bagong are depicted in a "jejogedan" pose, symbolising joy as they hold the key of Padma Hotel Semarang. This gesture serves as a heartfelt wish for guests to discover happiness and enjoy memorable experiences during their stay. Padma Hotel Semarang also proudly showcases numerous artworks by  rominent artists in Indonesia’s art scene, such as Abstraksi Candi Borobudur by Wayan Novi, Dugderan by Angki Purbandono, and many more, welcoming guests with captivating pieces from the moment they step into the hotel.



Drawing inspiration from the philosophy of the Punakawan tales, Kuncir Sathya Vikhu has embraced the Balinese rendition of the narrative. This adaptation seamlessly weaves in unique characters and iconic elements closely associated with Bali, home to Padma Resort Legian and Padma Resort Ubud. The first character, Sangut, embodies cheerful personality, depicted joyfully flying a kite against the backdrop of lush rice terraces. Then, there are Tualen and Merdah, pictured riding Bali’s iconic form of transportation, a scooter, as they embark on adventures exploring Bali's wonders. Lastly, we meet the mischievous Delem, captured surfing on big waves. "Surfing not only epitomises Bali's allure, but Delem's persona perfectly aligns with the thrill of conquering mighty waves," Viku reflects. Hailing from the Island of the Gods itself, Viku aspires to use his art as a way of introducing the rich culture and traditions of Bali to the world.



In Bandung, Padma Hotel Bandung and Addy Debil have opted to reimagine the beloved wayang golek puppet character, Cepot. Known for its wit and humour, Cepot's character seamlessly complements Addy Debil’s playful, colourful, and imaginative style. Within his creations, Debil portrays Cepot engaged in three activities synonymous with Bandung: culinary adventures, shopping, and hiking. Debil has previously collaborated with Padma Hotel Semarang, infusing cheer and joy into the vibrant decor of Goolali Gelato Bar & Patisserie. Additionally, his creative touch extends to Goolali’s playful packaging, contributing to the excitement of #TravelwithGoolali trend.



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