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EDUCATION Features in Bali

Stay informed about Bali's latest education news and updates: From schools to learning opportunities, explore the educational landscape in Bali with our comprehensive guide.

Birth Hereditary: Understanding the Significance of the Balinese Otonan Ceremony

Birthdays are a universal celebration, but in Balinese vast culture, the traditional Otona

Sacred Metal Blessings: The Divine Essence of Tumpek Landep Ceremony

Bali's spiritual philosophy fosters a deep connection between human, nature and deities.

The Enigmatic Charm of Pura Paluang: Bali's Peculiar Car Temple

Often referred to as the Island of a Thousand Temples, Bali is renowned for its spiritual

Mass Kisses for the Goodness: The Enchanting Omed-Omedan Ritual

Picture this: you are standing on the side of a crowded street, watching a mass of youth g

Exploring the Sacred Essence of 'Tukad': The Significance of Rivers in Balinese Culture

Beyond its lush landscapes and immaculate beachside, one element holds profound significan

Pengerupukan: The Night Where Good Triumphs Over Evil

As the sun sets over the enchanting island of Bali right before Nyepi Day, a palpable ener

The Eco-Conscious Essence of Tumpek Wariga: A Balinese Celebration of Nature

In the vibrant Balinese culture, Tumpek Wariga is a momentous holistic celebration, weaving together spirituality, en

Sacred Beginnings: The Significance of Magedong-Gedongan Pregnancy Ceremony

Balinese people have their own unique spiritual persepective of life and death, with many

The Virtuous Melasti Ceremony: Embracing Sacred Purification for Nyepi Day in Bali

As a land blessed with vibrant culture and ancient traditions, there is a ritual which is

Tumpek Krulut; Bali's Day of Love and Musical Celebration

Often referred to as the 'Valentine's Day' of the Balinese Hindus, Tumpek Krulut holds a s

Feast in Unity and Equality: Balinese Megibung Tradition

The enchanting island of Bali is not only renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and vib

The Mystical Legend of Balinese Calon Arang and Its Spellbinding Performance

The mystical allure of Balinese culture is epitomized by many folklores, one of which is t