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Bali New Tables: August 2023

Whether you're a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, French fusion delights, authentic Lebanese dishes, or Hong Kong-style BBQ, check out our complination of Bali's new restaurant in August 2023.

Bandung New Tables: August 2023

Every month, new restaurants and exciting cafes open all the time around Bandung, so the only question is, which one are you going to try first? We’ve narrowed down our list of the best to help you decide where to head first.

Jakarta New Tables: August 2023

From a world-class Japanese dining destination to a safe haven to indulge in some great croissants, here are our choices for the best new openings in Jakarta worth a visit.

Best Cafes on Bengawan Street

Bengawan Street is bustling with activity every day, catering to various needs, including numerous cafes where you can hang out or simply grab a coffee. Amidst the long list of cafes lining Bengawan Street, here is our curated list of the best cafe in the area.

Where to Get the Best Croissants in Jakarta

Don't know where to get the best croissants? See our picks of the best croissants that you can get in Jakarta.

Best Croissants in Bali

Here's a compelling list of the best places to indulge in these delectable French treats on the Island of Gods

Best Greek Restaurants in Bali

Calling all food enthusiasts! As an international holiday destination, Bali offers a delightful culinary journey that you can experience during your blissful holiday. Among the diverse range of cuisines available, Greek food holds a special place, transporting you to the picturesque landscapes of Greece with every bite. We've gathered a list of the best Greek restaurants on the island, where you can savor mouthwatering dishes and immerse yourself in the rich Greek tradition. Let's dip in and savour the go(o)dness!

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