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Must Visit Museums in Surabaya

Do you have a huge passion for the past? or do you want to go dig deeper into the historical cultures? Head for the museums, which will quench your thirst for knowledge.
The Best Hiking Spots Around Bandung
Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for a weekend adventure, here’s a list of the best hiking spots around Bandung that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Indonesia is a very large country with very beautiful scenery and tourist attractions. Also known as the Indonesian Archipelago, it may refer either to the islands comprising tourist attractions that spread around the equator. There are also many anti-mainstream tourist attractions, which mean that not many people have known and visited. This time, we recommend some of the best-kept-hidden tourist attractions that you can visit.


Where to Find Whale Sharks in Indonesia

The Gentle Giant

You’ve probably heard it mentioned a couple of times. Or if you’re a fan of the underwater world, or better yet, dive or snorkle every now and then, you’ve probably added swimming with this adorable-looking, slow-moving creature to your bucket list. The Whale shark (hiu paus) has gained immense popularity for its gentle and approachable nature. As they feed almost exclusively on planktons and small sea creatures, they are not known to pose a threat to humans.

Banda Island: A Hidden Gem in Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its stunning natural beauty and diverse culture, but few places can match the unique history and charm of Banda Island. Located in the Maluku province of Indonesia, Banda Island is a small but breathtaking archipelago that is often overlooked by tourists. However, those who venture to this hidden gem are rewarded with stunning scenery, rich history, and a truly unique cultural experience.


Experience the Best of Manado: 10 Things to Do in North Sulawesi's Capital

Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, is a popular destination for tourists seeking an adventure of


Looking to get around Indonesia by air? Here’s a list of some of the nation’s safest and most reliable domestic flight options for your travel: 


1. Batik Air

batik air

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