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Best Sunrise Spots in Bandung

Sunrise in Bandung

Sunrise is the time in the morning when the sun appears or full daylight arrives. Sunrise is a moment that gives us hope to start a new day. Seeing the sunrise in a perfect place like Bandung below might inspire your day. 

Best Sunrise Spots in Bandung / Tempat Matahari Terbit Terbaik di Bandung

1. Bukit Moko

Bukit Moko

Source: Laris Manis

Bukit Moko is one of the locations for watching the sunrise as well as tracking towards the Patahan Lembang. A forest atmosphere that is not too lush can be a light alternative for natural tourism. Access to this place can be done using a car that is suitable for going uphill.

Cimenyan, Bandung
Required entry ticket 

2. Puncak Ciumbuleuit

Puncak Ciumbuleuit

Source: Dini Fitriyani

Bandung people usually call it Punclut. In this area, there are many places to eat, but it is also a spot to watch the sunrise. Access can be done using a car that is suitable for going uphill

Jl. Punclut, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap, Bandung
No requires of entry ticket but should find the right spot

3. Ranca Upas

Ranca Upas

Source: Miss Nidy

This tourist spot which is famous for feeding deer can be a spot to watch the sunrise. The spots can be around tourist attractions, but there's nothing wrong with watching them in a deer enclosure. You can also watch the sunrise while camping here.

Jl. Camp Ranca Upas, Patengan, Kec. Rancabali, Kab. Bandung
Required entry ticket
P: 0813-5956-9984

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4. Situ Cileunca

Situ Cileunca

Source: Mister Aladin

Apart from the highlands, Bandung is also equipped with lakes. Situ Cileunca can be an alternative water tourist attraction as well as a suitable place to watch the sunrise. The view is like a painting with a wide expanse of lake surrounded by hills.

Jl. Situ Cileunca, Pulosari, Kec. Pangalengan, Kab. Bandung
Not required entry ticket, but you must find suitable spot to watch the sunrise

5. Sunrise Point Cukul

Sunrise Point Cukul

Source: Instagram

Apart from the spot to watch the sunrise near the lake, you can also watch the sunrise from a height around the area. Sunrise Point Cukul is a spot with a view of a hill with an expanse of a sea of mist surrounded by hills interspersed with roads. Access to this spot is quite affordable by car.

Jl. Cukul, Sukaluyu, Kec. Pangalengan, Kab. Bandung
P: 0822-4000-9003
Required entry ticket

6. Tebing Keraton

Tebing Keraton

Source: IDN Times 

Cliffs can be scary places, but this one is a favourite location to watch the sunrise. It is still in the same area as the Ir. H. Djuanda Grand Forest Park, but the location is quite far apart and requires a few kilometers uphill. To reach it, you can walk, bike, or use a motorcycle taxi.

Puncak Kordon, Ciburial, Bandung
P: (022) 2515895
Required entry ticket