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The Best Maternal & Child Hospitals in Bandung

Providing great treatments and care for mothers, mother-to-be, children, and babies, here is our top list of recommended maternal and child hospitals in Bandung.

Best Japanese Restaurants in Bandung

Craving for Japanese cuisine that tastes pretty authentic in town? Look no further, here is our top list of best Japanese restaurants in Bandung that will instantly bring you a taste of Japan. 

Things to Do During Eid Holiday in Bandung

This year we can all celebrate Eid al-Fitr more freely. Bandung will certainly be one of the favorite destinations during this long holiday. To help you make a list of what to do, check out our guide about things to do during the Eid holiday in Bandung.

Best Places for Ngabuburit in Bandung

Ngabuburit is originally a Sundanese word, which means to seek amusement and distractions from hunger and thirst while waiting for the day's fast to end at dusk, which has become a tradition in Indonesia.

The Ultimate Cihapit Bandung Dining Guide

Since the colonial era, the Cihapit area has always been synonymous with leisure. Lately, this area which is famous for its market is increasingly becoming the prima donna of tourists when coming to Bandung. This time, we will invite you to explore the Cihapit area to enjoy various dining experiences.

Best Valentine's Day Dinner Promotions in Bandung

Best Valentine's Day Romantic Dinner Promotions in Bandung

Spending Valentine's Day in Bandung is such a great idea, thanks to the city that is surrounded by mountains and supported with chill cool weather. Take a cue from our list and book a seat at these romantic restaurants.


10 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Bandung

When February 14th is approaching, couples everywhere in our city start wondering the same thing: how can I make Valentine's Day in Bandung even more special this year? Traditionally, there is the classic candlelit dinner and a gift, but maybe this year you may want to mix it up a little and add something else to the usual couple's dinner. How about something a bit more creative and unique?

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