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Jakarta Expat Events You Don't Wanna Miss This Week!

Here is the upcoming Jakarta Expat In-Person Events You Don't Wanna Miss


Death in Indonesia: What To Do For Expats

Death In Indonesia: What To Do For Expats… Bereavement is one of the most stressful things that can happen to you, for obvious reasons. When that loved one is an expat in Indonesia, it can be all the more trying. So why make a heartbreakingly hard situation even worse by not knowing what to do? Here is our basic guide on what to do.

Expat Chambers of Commerce and Business Association in Jakarta

Keep yourself informed about Indonesia, or Jakarta especially, through these chambers and business associations. Get any updates about expat events, business networking events, as well as expanding your business contacts while living in the city.

1. Indonesia-Australia Business Council (IABC)

Expat Communities You Could Join in Jakarta

Relocating overseas and living thousands of miles away from home can be a very difficult experience, for both yourself and your family. From learning a new language to finding the right home, enrolling your kids to the right school and simply adjusting to simple day-to-day activities can be very unsettling without the right guidance. It is even harder when you do not have your usual support system at your beck and call.

Jakarta School And Education Ultimate Guide

Jakarta School & Education Guide for every development age, from preschool, primary, secondary, to some out of school extra-curricular activities that you can check out as a reference for your children’s education in Jakarta.

Best Christmas Brunch and Dinner Deals in Jakarta

Skip the hassle at home and join the festivity in these spots so you will have more time to rekindle the holiday spirit and less minding about the burnt ham and soggy pies! Here are the best Christmas brunch and dinner deals in Jakarta.

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