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Nara Park Bandung's New Spirit: Celebrating 6 Years wtagor
Celebrating its 6th anniversary this year, Nara Park Bandung has embraced a "New Spirit," introducing changes from individual enthusiasm within the management team to a fresh overall appearance

The Best Staycation Deals for School Breaks in Bandung

Staying at hotels with fun activities, swimming pools, and playgrounds sounds really fun, so we have curated the list of the best staycation deals for school breaks in Bandung
Fun Activities You Can Do in Bandung
So, dive into the excitement, embrace the fun, and create lasting experiences in this vibrant city from these recommended fun activities you can do in Bandung.
Things to Do During Eid Holiday in Bandung

This year we can all celebrate Eid al-Fitr more freely. Bandung will certainly be one of the favorite destinations during this long holiday. To help you make a list of what to do, check out our guide about things to do during the Eid holiday in Bandung.

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