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Hidden Away: Warung Pak Chandra Serves Indonesian-Thai Delights on the Plate

Among its recent sensations is Warung Pak Chandra. This establishment has quickly captured the attention of food enthusiasts.
Hidden Away: Bakmie Tjo Kin Brings Bandung's Love to Jakarta's Culinary Scene

The Blok M area in Jakarta, is renowned for its vast array of eateries, ranging from stree

Hidden Away: LIT Bakehouse - The Beloved Sweet Spot to Perch On After a Long Walk

Chinatown in the Glodok area, West Jakarta is famously known for the Chinese inherited culture which still is sustained from time to time. Temples, food and fruit stalls, Chinese knick-knacks, old-fashioned houses, and most prominently the Chinese-inspired restaurants ranging from traditional to Peranakan are really a sight to see. They are seemingly endless amount there is to be discovered in the sprawling area of Glodok.

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