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éL Run 2024 at éL Hotel Bandung

Following the success of éL Run 2023, éL Hotel Group is once again hosting the Fun Run event titled éL Run 2024, which will be held on June 30, 2024, at éL Hotel Bandung. With the theme "Heritage Modern," éL Run 2024 will take runners through key routes in Bandung city, including Jalan Asia Afrika, Gedung Merdeka, and Jalan Braga. These areas are rich in historical significance for the city of Bandung.

Chad Williem's "Lamun Namun" Art Exhibition at de Braga by ARTOTEL

Childhood memories often become cherished moments we long for as we grow older. This sentiment is beautifully captured in the ongoing art exhibition at de Braga by ARTOTEL. In collaboration with Bandung artist Chad Williem, the exhibition titled "Lamun Namun" invites art enthusiasts to a nostalgic journey back to their childhood.

Big Bad Wolf Bandung Officially Opens, Kicking Off the BBW Indonesia 2024 Tour
The Big Bad Wolf Books (BBW) International Book Fair officially opened from May 23 to June 2, 2024, at Parahyangan Convention in Kota Baru Parahyangan.
Tau Tau Festival 2024
Tau Tau Festival 2024 at Tritan Point was a huge success! With performances by artists like Nadim Amizah, Dewa 19, and Tulus, the audience surely had an amazing time.
Boost Your Creative Spirit through Collaborative Works with Artists Bill Mohdor and de Braga by ARTOTEL
ARTVENTURE, a collaborative event between de Braga by ARTOTEL and Bill Mohdor Studio, aimed to boost public interest in art.
Embracing Sustainable Living Through Art: MOHOI Exhibition at de Braga by ARTOTEL
With the growing concern for sustainable living, where lifestyles aim to minimize negative impacts on the environment to enhance human well-being, de Braga by ARTOTEL presents an art exhibition in collaboration with MOHOI
Embracing the Radiance of Islamic Art: "Bulan Terbit" Exhibition

In a gesture of profound humility and heartfelt appreciation, the Grey Art Gallery proudly

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