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Bandung New Tables: July 2024

As the second half of the year approaches, Bandung is welcoming several new restaurants this July. These fresh additions to the city's vibrant culinary scene promise a variety of unique dining experiences
Bandung New Tables: June 2024
These new establishments add fresh excitement to Bandung's ever-evolving gastronomic landscape. Here are the new dining spots you don't want to miss in Bandung this month.
Bandung New Tables: May 2024 wtagor

Bandung never ceases to amaze!

Food and Drink
Bandung New Tables: March 2024 wtagor

Entering the month of March and the beginning of Ramadan, new cafes and re

Food and Drink
Bandung New Tables: February 2024

In the enchanting city of Bandung, where creativity and romance intertwine

Bandung New Tables: January 2024

Ready to start the year with a touch of excitement and exploration?

Bandung New Tables: November 2023

New month, new places to visit!

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