Looking for a pleasant place to live in Indonesia? It can be a piece of cake or tiring task. You have to find the best one according to your needs and budget. Basically, there are three options when it comes to renting in Indonesia; houses, apartments, and kost kostan (serviced residences). Each option offers its plus-minus points based on its area, location, and size.

First of all, where do you start to search? We list down some helpful websites and communities for you:

1. Lets Move Indonesia (LMI)

Launched in 2016, LMI was founded by Gary Joy, an expatriate himself who was hissingly difficult to find a property in Jakarta in 2013. With his own experience, he launched LMI that has the intention of trying to help provide both Indonesian’s and expatriates a better level of service in the property sector. Not only rent, LMI offers you the service of buying and selling a property. Unlike the traditional practices of the past, LMI does not charge ‘bule’ prices or hike up the property prices.

Lets Move Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 300 297 27
Email: info@letsmoveindonesia.com

2. Jakarta Apartment

Established in 2006, this website focus on apartment selling-and-renting in Jakarta. Based on their mission, Jakarta Apartment provides a more realistic perspective of the apartment market. They combine the convenience of online apartment listings with the Internet’s capabilities for peer recommendations.

Jakarta Apartment
Phone: +62 21 829 3535
Facebook: Jak.apt

3. Expat Blog Forum

To search the best property on this forum, first of all, you have to register as their member. Signing up with your email, you will be registered as the new member only in 5 minutes. On the forum page, click “Accomodation” and choose the city. A bundle of information will appear based on your keywords. Basically, all information comes from the forum members. You can chat with other members to get the detail information.

Expat Blog Forum
Facebook: Expat.blog

4. Colliers Estate Agent

Colliers International service is for corporations and individuals who are looking to lease/rent an apartment or house in Jakarta. Their commitment to meet the relocation needs of expatriates is the key objective of the division. Not only property information, but this website also gives you a chance to chat with their staff directly.

Colliers Estate Agent
Phone: +62 21 3043 6888
Facebook: Colliers Indonesia

5. InterNations Forum

The first step to do is to register for a membership in InterNations organization for free. Since you are living in Jakarta, go to Jakarta Forum page on the website. Then click “Housing” option in the below. You may find other members threads of Jakarta housing, and click “reply” to chat with certain members. You can also create a thread to find a good house or apartment based on your needs.

InterNations Forum
Facebook: InterNations Jakarta

Before finding the best place to live in Indonesia especially Jakarta, you can read tips before moving to Jakarta here. You can also read the list of recommended moving companies in Indonesia to ease your relocation to Jakarta or another city in Indonesia.