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Analogue Initiative, the Acclaimed Forward-thinking, Sustainable Cocktail Bar and Restaurant in Singapore

Analogue Initiative, the Acclaimed Forward-thinking, Sustainable Cocktail Bar and Restaurant in Singapore

Analogue Initiative is an acclaimed Singapore cocktail bar and restaurant which opened its doors in the historic building complex of Chijmes, Singapore in 2021. The latest venture from Vijay Mudaliar of the award-winning Native bar, Analogue pushes the boundaries of modern bar culture with its sustainable, ergonomic design, plant-based cuisine, and extensive non-alcoholic cocktail offering – creating an inclusive and welcoming space for all guests.

Analogue Initiative, the Acclaimed Forward-thinking, Sustainable Cocktail Bar and Restaurant in Singapore

Building on Native’s concept of foraging and regional produce, Vijay was inspired to review the food system through an entirely new lens. Analogue eschews over-farmed foods like beef, pork, milk, cheese, and even egg with its fully plant-based food offering, which can be enjoyed alongside the outstanding drinks program of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails that pack a punch, whilst equally complementing the dishes.

The cocktail menu has been designed to spotlight ingredients that not only synergize seamlessly with the plant-based dishes, but also those that will potentially become the future of farming. The Cactus cocktail was born from the idea that heat resistant plants from the cacti and succulent family would popularise in the wake of global warming. Light, fresh, and slightly smoky, the purple-hued drink offers a smooth combination of mezcal, prickly pear, pink dragon fruit, and aloe vera in a martini glass coated with tajin salt at the rim. In a similar futuristic vein, the Spaceman reimagines what NASA pilots might bring to space, whether it’s childhood favorites like peanut butter and freeze-dried ice cream, or dried fruits. This otherworldly rendition sees classic Negroni enhanced with peanut butter and dried grapes, which have been blended and clarified into a clear drink with a delicious, velvety finish.


For those who prefer a spirit-forward cocktail, the Smokey Jerky features smoked hickory infused whisky, Palo Cortado sherry, and maple – which is garnished with a sliver of ‘smoked jerky’, made from king oyster mushroom simmered in smoked hickory marinade. Chocolate lovers will find themselves pleasantly surprised by the Carob, a dessert-like cocktail crafted with carob, a legume from the Middle East that is commonly used as a chocolate substitute. In this playful rendition, carob is distilled and mixed with pumpkin seed cream, mint, and sugar substitute xylitol to create an explosion of chocolate-ty and minty flavors.

Analogue’s food menu is a powerhouse of plant-based dishes where bold flavours speak for themselves. Guided by a strong sense of inclusivity, the dishes suit most palates and diets and include crowd-favourites such as Jackfruit Tacos. The fruit’s stringy flesh is slow- cooked to rendang-style perfection and stuffed into a taco shell with butterhead lettuce and micro coriander. Before serving, the tacos are lighted toasted over binchō tan to enhance its rich and meaty flavours. Why not pair the Jackfruit Tacos with the Nori Fries - Fries, nori powder, smoked beetroot ketchup. A smoky, salty upgrade to your standard fries and the perfect partner for many of the delicious dishes, including the Nuggetz – plant based nuggetz with mouth-watering homemade curry sauce, simple yet delicious.

Jackfruit Tacos

Sustainability doesn’t just end with the food & drinks. The cosy yet welcoming bar itself has been designed for a light-hearted dining experience enriched by an eco-conscious philosophy. In the centre of the room is the striking cerulean bar, which is entirely 3D printed from 1,600kg of recycled plastic bottles and spans 20 metres in length. It’s beautiful, ergonomic, and inclusive flow dips for wheelchair accessibility. Surrounding the main bar are smaller tables for a more intimate setting, each one crafted from a fungus called mycelium. Every touch point in the bar has been carefully considered to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience for guests, whilst ensuring the bars remains true to its sustainability credentials.

Since opening, Analogue has gone on to gain global recognition, having been listed No.37 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023, and has become a firm favourite for locals and international visitors alike.