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Newsletter: The Best Chinese New Year Deals and Promotions

Newsletter: The Best Chinese New Year Deals and Promotions

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As we approach the Chinese New Year celebration in 2024, many hotels and restaurants stand out as excellent places to enjoy the festivities. Of course, you’ll want to seek out the best takes to usher in the year of the Dragon. It is said to bring plenty of good fortune, health, luck, and prosperity to its diners. Here are the Chinese New Year deals and promotions you can find in Jakarta and Surabaya.

During this time, Chinese restaurants always thrive with some goodness. Special menu, lion dance, and other entertainments also enliven the Chinese New Year celebration in the hope of bringing fortune. For the best dining experience, here are the best Chinese Restaurants in Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, and Surabaya.

On Wednesday, 24th of January, join us for an exclusive evening of networking and fun at the Friends of What's New Jakarta Fun Meet-Up - WELCOMING 2024 at LBRTY Jakarta! Indulge in a night filled with business connections, new friendships, and delightful moments. This event welcomes both locals and expats for an unforgettable experience. Click here for the full information.

For Bali, we highlight the best furniture and home decor stores in Bali, also travel tips for shoppers in Bali on how to bargain in Bali. For this week's cultural article, we have Balinese Odalan Celebrations. We delve into the essence of Odalan, exploring its significance, the meticulous preparations leading up to the ceremony, and the mesmerizing day of festivities.

Known for its breezy, cool air, staying in Bandung often requires a bit more effort to enjoy a swim. However, these exceptional hotels, offer warm swimming pools to elevate the experience of relaxation. Check our guide to hotels with warm swimming pools in Bandung. We also have the best coffee shops for hanging out in Ciumbuleuit.

For Surabaya, we have the best Sundanese restaurants, the best places to eat gudeg, and the best places to get babi guling.

In flash news, the New York Times has listed Lake Toba in North Sumatra as one of the "52 Places To Go in 2024." Lake Toba is in 24th place. This lake, which is encircled by eight districts, is one of Indonesia’s super-priority destinations for its splendour and uniqueness. Click here to read the full story.

The new tax policy will enter into force starting February 14, 2024 in Bali. That will require foreign tourists to pay a one-time fee of Rp150,000, or about US$10. Click here to read the full story.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is set to make a whopping increase to the country’s entertainment tax. The national entertainment tax will now range from 40-75%, and entertainment businesses in Bali and the tourism sector are unhappy about it. Click here to read the full story.

After all, we hope you enjoy this week as much as we do. Here's to being extraordinary!

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