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Newsletter: The Best and Complete Guide to Easter Brunch and Deals

Newsletter: The Best and Complete Guide to Easter Brunch and Deals

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There's no better way to spend this special Sunday than with an Easter feast. The search for the ideal spot to celebrate with loved ones over a delightful brunch begins. We’ve assembled your guide to the best Easter brunches and celebrations in Jakarta and Bali.

Browse the Easter deals more in Jakarta and Bali on our deal pages.

Middle Eastern cuisine is rapidly gaining popularity, offering a delightful explosion of flavours. With its rich array of spices, herbs, aromatic ingredients, and the spirit of Ramadan, here are the best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Jakarta and Bali.

With so many options available, Blok M, Jakarta is easy for some hidden gems to get overlooked in favour of more popular spots. For those looking to combine the appeal of both recent and popular spots, Bakmie Tjo Kin offers a perfect balance. From Bandung with love, our monthly edition of Hidden Away highlights Bakmie Tjo Kin. Read the full review here and watch the video here.

For Bali, we have the best sports bars and the best BBQ eateries. For our weekly cultural article, we highlight The Enigmatic Charm of Pura Paluang: Bali's Peculiar Car Temple. Read the full article here.

For Bandung, we have the best board game cafes and the best Sundanese restaurants. For Surabaya, we have the best places to get bakso (meatballs), the best Korean cakes, and where to go for grocery shopping in West Surabaya.

COMO Metropolitan Singapore and Doctor Anywhere collaborate to launch COMO X MedSuites Holistic Health. The partnership introduces a new program called COMO x MedSuites Holistic Health which combines cutting-edge diagnostics with personalized wellness solutions. Read the full story here.

Waerebo Village has been recognized by Time Out as a top beauty spot. The village in East Nusa Tenggara gets the spotlight, securing the second spot in the "World's Most Beautiful Small Towns." Click here to see the full list.

Changes have come into effect at Bali Airport’s domestic terminal to improve the pick-up and drop-off process. The improved one-way system will help increase the number of pick-up lanes and provide safer crossing access for passengers. Read the full story here.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani speaks out on customs' foreign travel baggage rule that sparks online outrage. Sri Mulyani said the current regulations were meant to help MSMEs who plan to attend events abroad and return home. Read the full story here.

To close the newsletter, we wish you a Happy Easter, sending you an abundance of sweet thoughts this Easter and beyond. Happy a restful long weekend.

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