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10 Restaurants with Rice Paddy Views in Bali

Nothing beats enjoying a good meal with a backdrop of green rice paddy field that refreshes the mind and body. Here are our favorite restaurant in Bali with rice paddy view that gives you not only great food, but awesome view to match:

1. Nook at Umalas $

Nook at Umalas Bali

Top Coffee Spots In Buah Batu - Bandung

Apart from being a residential area, Buah Batu has also been known for a long time as a fairly shopping district. Starting from supermarkets, fashion outlets, local distributions, and various restaurants are available here to visit. Its area which is the link between the city center and the southern area of Bandung also makes this area strategic and attracts people to visit. Recently, many coffee spots have popped up in Buah Batu, so we have made a list of the great coffee shops you need to pay a visit here.

20 Best Dining in Bandung

You will be in awe of the Bandung F&B scene what to offer, a gamut of interesting places with various concepts and designs that must be visited for food lovers. Besides being famous for its street food, scenery, and historical places, Bandung’s endless ideas of the restaurant are surely attracted the locals and tourists. Here are restaurants that offer best dining experience you need to visit while in Bandung. Scroll down to check out which restaurant made it to our list.

(Number does not represent ranking)

15 Best Dining and Drinking Spots in Pantai Indah Kapuk

Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) in the north area of Jakarta is a must visit destination if you want to find a fresh modern and young side of the city. Quirky places and restaurants are mushrooming. Follow our guide to experience the best dining and drinking spots in PIK.


10 Best Korean Restaurants in Jakarta

Korean eateries of all sorts have sprung up in Jakarta in recent years. With so many to choose from, it can be baffling for both Indonesians and foreigners seeking an authentic taste of Korea. Here are some of the best Korean restaurants around Jakarta:

1. The Grill $$$

15+ Best Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta

Japanese food is possibly the most popular food in Indonesia after Indonesian food itself; it has gained popularity thanks to the lengthy period of time it has been introduced in the country too. Since after the independence day, Japanese ‘expats’ that chose to stay behind shared the food of their country and soon restaurants would open up in Jakarta, attracting visitors such as President Soekarno himself. Today, you can find Japanese restaurants in literally any budget, from the localized versions, fusions, to the very authentic.

The Best Omakase Restaurants in Jakarta

To experience authentic Japanese dining look no further than omakase, a coveted tradition, which means “I will leave it up to you” or trusting the chef to choose your order. With omakase – a Japanese version of a degustation menu – you could expect the highest quality of dishes with an exquisite array of sashimi, sushi, appetizers, and desserts as well as exotic Japanese specialties and delicacies such as monkfish, jellyfish, sea cucumbers and sea urchins, to name a few. 

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