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Oliverra at Umana Bali: A Mediterranean Extravaganza Unveiled on Bali's Majestic Cliffs

Oliverra at Umana Bali: A Mediterranean Extravaganza Unveiled on Bali's Majestic Cliffs

Umana Bali, a distinguished property under LXR Hotels & Resorts, proudly unveiled Oliverra, a gastronomic masterpiece that promises an extraordinary journey into the heart of Mediterranean cuisine. The grand opening on February 9, 2024, marked a momentous occasion as the first Southeast Asian property for LXR, setting the stage for an unparalleled dining experience atop the limestone cliffs of Ungasan. What's New Bali had the chance to experience the beauty of Oliverra's dazzling fusion of culinary artistry and intricate venue, set on the breathtaking landscape of Ungasan cliftop.

Oliverra at Umana Bali: A Mediterranean Extravaganza Unveiled on Bali's Majestic Cliffs

Captivating Ambiance: A Trio of Exquisite Spaces

Oliverra's design ethos, characterized by elegance and warmth, invites patrons into a world dominated by pristine white hues, lavish furnishings, and panoramic vistas that seamlessly merge with the natural beauty of Bali. The compound unfolds across two floors, housing three distinct areas: The Restaurant, The Bar, and The Patio.

Oliverra Umana 1

The second-floor bar is a spacious lounge adorned with luxurious blue and white chandeliers, comfy seating, and open-air balcony offering a mesmerizing view of the Indian Ocean. The 'Veranda' signature lounge, perched atop the cliff, provides an intimate and elevated setting for guests to savor their meals amidst nature's grandeur. The Dining Venue, adorned with captivating aesthetics, boasts the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening or a gathering with family and friends.

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A Mediterranean Tasting Experience Beyond Compare

A feast at Oliverra is like stepping into a realm where flavors dance in perfect harmony. The menu, curated with precision, showcases a delightful array of Mediterranean-inspired dishes that pay homage to traditional flavors while embracing innovation.

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The journey commences with homemade pasta, a testament to culinary artistry with rich flavors and diverse texture options. The specialty platters steal the spotlight, featuring two signature cuts of meat: the Kiwami Wagyu MB9+ and Stockyard Striploin MB5. The Wagyu, chosen for its freshness and perfect texture, delivers a mouthwatering experience, while the Stockyard Striploin offers unrivaled marbling and tenderness. Each bite is a symphony of flavors that transcends expectations.

To conclude the feast, the dessert presents a sublime combination of Grand Marnier and vanilla bean ice cream nestled in a fluffy soft serve soufflé. The balance of sweetness and sophistication is a perfect finale to an indulgent dining experience.

Oliverra's commitment to freshness and quality shines through its sourcing practices. Local ingredients are procured from surrounding plantations and hydroponic gardens, ensuring a connection to the region's rich produce. Premium ingredients, like the Kiwami Wagyu MB9+ and Hokkaido scallops, are air-flown from Japan, showcasing the restaurant's dedication to culinary excellence.

A Toast to Connoisseurs

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Complementing the culinary delights, Oliverra's beverage offerings are a testament to the art of mixology and oenophilia. The bartender's expertise is showcased in an enticing array of aperitif options, including the signature Oliverra Spritz, a delightful fusion of Aperol Spritz with pomelo gin. For wine enthusiasts, a curated selection from Italy, Spain, France, and diverse global regions awaits, promising a journey of flavors that perfectly align with the Mediterranean theme.

Impeccable Service and Extensive Hospitality

Every element of Oliverra, from cuisine to service, is meticulously crafted to ensure a sumptuous dining experience amidst panoramic ocean views. The restaurant welcomes guests from Tuesday to Sunday, from 06:00 PM to 10:00 PM, extending its hospitality to both the public and overnight guests. With a seating capacity of up to 116, Oliverra invites couples, families, and solo travelers alike to indulge in an intimate dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

The brand new Oliverra of Umana Bali is a haven of culinary excellence, offering a symphony of flavors amidst a backdrop of unparalleled beauty. The vibrant grand opening marked a new dining destination that elevates Bali's culinary scene to new heights.

Umana Bali, LXR Hotels & Resorts
Jl. Melasti Banjar Kelod, Ungasan, Bali, 80364, Indonesia
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