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Serene Nature Escapes: A 3-Day Staycation Bliss at Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud wbilly
Join What's New Bali as we experience a memorable 3-day, 2-night journey, exploring the serene landscapes and unparalleled hospitality of this hidden paradise.
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The Virtuous Melasti Ceremony: Embracing Sacred Purification for Nyepi Day in Bali

A grand purification spectacle that precedes the tranquil Nyepi Day, Melasti is not merely a procession; it is a profound spiritual journey to cleanse both the human soul (Bhuwana Alit) and the entire universe (Bhuwana Agung) from impurities and negative influences.
The Best Florists in Bali
Whether you're celebrating romance, friendship, or simply want to brighten someone's day, here's a curated list of the best florists in Bali, each ready to add that perfect touch to your Valentine's Day celebration.
Tumpek Krulut; Bali's Day of Love and Musical Celebration
As the world gears up for the universal celebration of love on February 14th, let's delve into the unique love and music instrument festivities that make Tumpek Krulut a captivating experience.
Bali's Best Romantic Valentine Dinner Destinations
In this curated list, we unveil the best romantic dinner destinations in Bali, each distinguished by its unique ambiance, culinary delights, and commitment to creating an unforgettable experience for those seeking to share a special moment with their loved ones.
Feast in Unity and Equality: Balinese Megibung Tradition
One such tradition that epitomizes the spirit of togetherness in Bali is Megibung, a communal dining experience that goes beyond sharing food, encompassing camaraderie and unity.
Bali's Most Beautiful Vihara (Buddhist Temples) you Should Visit
Here we listed some of Bali's most prominent and Beautiful Buddhist Vihara temples for you to explore the captivating allure of these grand structures in-between your blissful Chinese New Year holiday.
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