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Surabaya’s Best Cafes for WFC (Work From Cafe)

Looking for the perfect spot to work from a cafe in Surabaya? We've got you covered! Find cozy and productive cafes with great coffee, delicious food, and inviting atmospheres.
Surabaya’s Best Places to Enjoy Live Music
Visit Surabaya's top spots to enjoy live music! These venues offer cozy settings, delicious food and drinks, and vibrant atmospheres perfect for unwinding or having a fun night out.
Surabaya’s Best Places for Desserts
Looking for the best desserts in Surabaya? Check out these cozy spots where you can enjoy delicious chocolate treats, soft Korean donuts, and beautiful cakes.
Surabaya’s Best Homey Cafes / Coffee Shops
Surabaya's homey cafes are perfect for relaxing with good food and drinks.
Top Book Cafes in Surabaya: Heaven for Book-Lovers
Indulge in the literary pleasures of Surabaya's top book cafes.
Surabaya New Tables April 2024
Check out the latest dining spots in Surabaya this April 2024! From cozy Kopitiams to artisan bakeries, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
Best Coffee Shops in Central Surabaya
Visit the finest coffee spots in Central Surabaya! These cafes offer a cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and a diverse menu to satisfy your coffee cravings.
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