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The Best Valentine's Day Celebrations in Jakarta Hotels

Most people consider Valentine’s Day as one of the most awaited moments of the year, especially for those who are a lovebird. Having dinner during the special day with your loved one could be a good choice. Enjoy the moment of two with these Valentine’s Day promotions in Jakarta.

The Best Valentine’s Day Deals in Jakarta Restaurants

Love is in the air, and restaurants across Jakarta are presenting Valentine’s Day specials and even some are extending the celebration for Valentine's Weekend specials. We've helped to narrow down the options by rounding up the best restaurant's Valentine's Day deals to celebrate Valentine's Day in Jakarta.

Decorate a Cake with Your Valentine

Celebrate your Valentine in a different way, Decorate a 14 cm cake with your loved one!

20+ Best Restaurants for Valentine's Day Romantic Dinner in Jakarta
Discover the Most Romantic Restaurants in Jakarta for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and Special Date Nights. Explore Jakarta's Romantic Dining Scene: Unforgettable Evenings for Lovebirds.

It’s the month of love! This year, Valentine comes in a middle of the week, but it shouldn’t stop you from a day of pampering.  Here we list the best places you can find to get you and your significant other treated like royal couples:

Bimasena Spa, The Dharmawangsa

Kempinski’s The Spa

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