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Halloween at The American Club

The Halloween celebration at The American Club in Jakarta was lively, with participants of all ages going all out in donning costumes. From young children to adults, everyone enthusiastically joined in the festive spirit. The event featured various exciting activities, fostering a sense of togetherness as people gathered, played, and enjoyed the company of their loved ones

The American Club Jakarta Halloween Party 2023


The annual and biggest event of the year at The American Club Jakarta, Join Us!

Game - 0 -Ween Spectakle

Get ready for the ultimate Halloween Costume Challenge at Pause and Play PIK !

DION Kids halloween Party

TRICK OR TREAT!! Get ready for a bewhitching good time at our Kids Halloween Party.

American Horror Story

Halloween edition of 'NPNC' "American Horror Story" with tunes by RBA, Skaletele, Otto and special performance Randit

Trick or Treat - Barra Jakarta

TRICK OR TREAT ? well, it's BARRA's TREAT this halloween !!

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