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20+ Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Jakarta

What’s a dinner without excellent food, delicious cocktails and wine in a refined atmosphere? Jakarta in particular, has an abundant option of fine dining restaurants. We have compiled a selection of the best fine dining restaurants in Jakarta for that special occasion or just to create pleasant memories.

Rekomendasi restoran mewah terbaik di Jakarta yang harus dicoba!


Six-course Dinner at Park Hyatt Jakarta

Indulge in an evening of Gastronomic Decadence at Park Hyatt Jakarta's Dining Room on leve

Exclusive Five-Course Dinner at Park Hyatt Jakarta

An alliance formed between masters of their craft to create an ephemeral experience of the

20+ Best Restaurants for Valentine's Day Romantic Dinner in Jakarta

Regardless of whether you are looking for romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or just a special date night, we’ve put together some of the city’s most romantic restaurants for you lovebirds

We must say that Jakarta can be the most romantic city, thanks to a myriad of romantic restaurants that will guarantee an unforgettable evening for you and your significant other.


When in Bali, a fine dining experience is a must. Get into the splurging vibe and pick some of the best restaurants in Indonesia for an unforgettable dining experience with your favorite people.

Here are our picks for the best fine-dining restaurants in Bali that you must try!

Berikut adalah pilihan kami untuk restoran mewah fine-dining terbaik di Bali yang harus Anda coba!


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