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A Sweet Feast for the Senses: Cédric Grolet at COMO Metropolitan Singapore wbilly
Cédric Grolet of COMO Metropolitan SIngapore is not just a restaurant; it's a sensory journey through the art of pastries, where desserts closely resemble fruits and flowers, creating a visual and gustatory masterpiece that's set to redefine Singapore's upscale dining scene.
Dine and Drink

Discover Unique Living and Wellness at COMO Metropolitan Singapore

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Singapore alongside the Bideford Road, COMO Metropolitan Singapore—also referred to as COMO Orchard—is an embodiment of upscale living, elegance, and holistic well-being.
COMO Hotels and Resorts Unveils 'Sleep Dreams' Initiative wstallone

COMO Hotels and Resorts and COMO Shambhala prioritize their guests' well-being by focusing

Health and Wellness
COMO Metropolitan Singapore and Doctor Anywhere Collaborate to Launch COMO X MedSuites Holistic Health
Adding to the integrated COMO Orchard lifestyle experience is DA MedSuites (a subsidiary of Doctor Anywhere), which occupies 12,000 square feet taking up residence on the fifth floor.
DOUBLE UP 2024 with 2024 With COMO Metropolitan Singapore

Book a stay of two nights at COMO Metropolitan Singapore and get exclusive access to the r

COMO Metropolitan Singapore New Year's Eve Double Delight for 2024

COMO Orchard on Bideford Road is the newest destination concept by the COMO Group.

From Urban Escape to Floral Dive

COMO Orchard on Bideford Road is the newest destination concept by COMO -

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