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10 Restaurants in Bandung with Breathtaking View

Bandung, an exceptional recreational city, has a stunning mountainous view that can be enjoyed from many restaurants. Here are some restaurants that pair the beautiful view with delicious food for your memorable moments.

Best Dining Places on Dago Street wtagor

Dago Street will never run out of dining options.

Food and Drink
Where to Eat at Paskal Hyper Square

One of the most visited areas by tourists and locals, Paskal Hyper Square

Culinary Mastery at Giur Bistro: A Dining Experience to Remember

Nestled in the heart of the city, Giur Bistro is a culinary gem that effor

Best Places to Get Pho in Bandung

Looking for warm, comfortable food that tantalizes the senses after a long

Best Burger Places in Bandung

A burger lover's paradise, these places offer exceptional burgers to satis

Best Restaurants on Riau Street, Bandung

Riau Street is one of the busy streets in Bandung. Tourists often come when they wanted to do shopping or find a good place to hang out. The street is filled with factory outlets, cafes, restaurants, and many more, you can say that you can find anything on Riau Street. Talking about restaurants, here are our recommendations for the best restaurants around Riau Street, from traditional local to Western and Eastern dishes.

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