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Pamor: Your Go-To Spot for Authentic Indonesian Cuisine in Bandung

Pamor, the Indonesian restaurant serving up delightful dishes from across the archipelago, has opened its doors.
Bandung New Tables: May 2024

Bandung never ceases to amaze!

Bandung New Tables: April 2024
April brings a fresh wave of excitement as Bandung welcomes new spots to gather and unwind. So, where will your adventures take you next?
Bandung New Tables: March 2024

Entering the month of March and the beginning of Ramadan, new cafes and re

Bandung New Tables: February 2024

In the enchanting city of Bandung, where creativity and romance intertwine

Best Coffee Shops for Hanging Out in Ciumbuleuit

If you happen to visit Bandung and crave some fun dining experiences around Ciumbule

Atmospheric Delights at 2F Coffee Bandung

2F Coffee Bandung emerges as a noteworthy addition to the local cafe scene

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