WHAT’S NEW INDONESIA respects your privacy and safeguarding your privacy is very important to us.
Below is an outline of the information that WhatsNewIndonesia.com gathers and how it’s used.

Whenever you request a page through your browser, navigation and clickstream data such as:

  • Your IP address
  • Browser and version
  • Operating system
  • Date and time and
  • The site from which you came

are stored in a log file and/or database. This information cannot be used to identify specific individuals, and is only used for:

  • Website and system administration
  • Research and development
  • Anonymous user analysis, and to provide accurate statistics to advertisers in the form of aggregated data.

WHAT’S NEW INDONESIA uses cookies to enable site features including, but not limited to login data, time and date tracking. We recommend that you browse WHAT’S NEW INDONESIA with cookies enabled in your browser. Our advertising partners may use cookies as part of their advertising campaign but this is independent of this site.

The email addresses collected from subscriptions to the WHAT’S NEW INDONESIA newsletters are not sold, or disclosed to any third parties. These addresses will only be used by our business to send out WHAT’S NEW INDONESIA communications (for example our weekly newsletter). According to the terms of subscription, WhatsNewIndonesia.com may send a maximum of two advertisement e-mail per month which will clearly be labelled as a publication sent out by WhatsNewIndonesia.com. You will not receive any mailings you did not request. The email addresses collected at WhatsNewIndonesia.com are stored on our servers in Jakarta, Indonesia or by external providers such as Mailchimp.

Any email sent from WhatsNewIndonesia.com contains an unsubscription link at the bottom which allows subscribers and site-members to unsubscribe directly.

If you have questions regarding our privacy policies, or require assistance in opting out of our email lists, please contact us at admin@whatsnewindonesia.com

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