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Guinness Officially Sponsors Premier League


Guinness, Ireland's leading beer brand, today announced its first global football partnership with the Premier League. This collaboration, which will last for four years and start in the 2024/2025 season, has crowned Guinness as the Official Beer of the Premier League. As an official partner of the Premier League, Guinness will use its global rights to promote responsible drinking during the season.

Guinness globally will use unique marketing strategies, creative advertising and Guinness' successful experience as a sponsor of world-class sporting events to create exciting experiences for fans. This collaboration will enhance the experience of enjoying football matches both on and off the field to be more exciting and interesting, as well as inspire new relationships between Guinness connoisseurs and the Premier League fan community throughout the world.



As a football league broadcast to 900 million homes in 189 countries, the Premier League is the most watched football league in the world. Through the partnership between Guinness and the Premier League, Guinness is set to bring together the game and the enjoyment of its unique stout through a wide range of activities, including the launch of a new campaign platform in August that will provide a place for fans to enjoy Guinness and the Premier League together on match days across the globe. retail outlets globally.

Stephen O'Kelly, Global Brand Director, Guinness said, "This partnership brings together two iconic brands that are both loved by communities around the world, and we can't wait to bring our stout to this highly anticipated match. Kick-off The first time next August is also the moment when Guinness will leave its global legacy in the world of sport through a new campaign that is ready to reach millions of fans who follow and enjoy the Premier League in their own way in all parts of the world."

Will Brass, Chief Commercial Officer, Premier League said, "We are delighted to partner with Guinness, the world's leading stout, which has consistently demonstrated creativity, innovation and world-class storytelling. Through our in-sport marketing strategy and the breadth of Guinness' reach, we hope we can forge a long-term relationship that will provide access to watch Premier League football in retail outlets and homes around the world, and bring to life the football magic that makes the Premier League loved by so many.”



Bayu Hanandhika, Marketing Manager, Guinness Indonesia, said, "As the Official Beer of the Premier League, Guinness is committed to spreading the spirit of togetherness and uniting Indonesian football fans from various backgrounds, passions and communities in one interesting and different experience. Guinness wants to create a platform for the entire football community that is inclusive of everyone. Through various programs and activities, Guinness also provides a space for fans to connect and share experiences with each other."

"We can't wait to provide various experiences enjoying the Premier League with all football fans and the community." Close Bayu.

Enjoy this exciting moment with Guinness and drink responsibly. Make sure to always be updated with the upcoming Guinness excitement on the Instagram account @GuinnessID. Get ready to be inspired and inspired with Guinness.