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Disney Cruise Line Creating Ultimate Holiday Destination Onboard the Disney Adventure, Sailing from Singapore in 2025

Disney Cruise Line

Themed areas inspired by Disney, Pixar and Marvel stories to offer endless adventure on every voyage 

Sailing from Singapore in 2025, the one-of-a-kind Disney  Adventure will offer families throughout the region the ultimate holiday at sea. The first Disney  Cruise Line ship to homeport in Asia will be a destination itself, sailing on three- and four-night  voyages designed with magical days at sea and filled with immersive storytelling and captivating  entertainment like only Disney can do. 

“We’re bringing the magic of Disney Cruise Line to Asia for the first time ever, and we want to  give our guests the cruise relaxation and Disney fun they can only experience aboard one of our  ships,” said Sharon Siskie, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Disney Cruise Line.  “When they set sail on the Disney Adventure, guests will find incredible, immersive areas that  bring the worlds of Disney, Pixar and Marvel to life in ways like never before – and these  uniquely Disney experiences will inspire families to reconnect, recharge and make  unforgettable memories that they’ll cherish forever.” 

New Areas to Discover Aboard the Disney Adventure 

The Disney Adventure will be both a journey and a destination, a voyage of limitless possibilities  that brings to vibrant life the core pillars of Disney storytelling. Through the magic  of imaginationdiscoveryfantasy and — of course — adventure, guests will embark on  voyages to seven uniquely themed areas, each teeming with dozens of incredible characters  and unforgettable experiences, without ever leaving the ship.  

The power of imagination, which opens doors to new adventures and emboldens dreamers to  create magic of their own, will captivate guests from the moment they enter Disney  Imagination Garden. 

• Disney Imagination Garden will be the emotional heart of the Disney Adventure, an  enchanted valley, charming garden and open-air performance venue all in one. Inspired  by 100 years of heroic and heartwarming Disney adventures — from Moana on the high  seas to Mowgli in the jungle — this imaginative gathering space will be guests’ gateway  to an unforgettable journey all their own.  

The spirit of discovery will inspire guests to chase the horizon, to see how far they can go, and  to encounter surprising worlds beyond their own in the dynamic realms of Disney Discovery  Reef, San Fransokyo Street and Wayfinder Bay.

• At Disney Discovery Reef, families will shop and dine in an ethereal and ever-changing  retreat evoking favorite aquatic characters and nautical stories from Walt Disney  Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, including “The Little Mermaid,” “Lilo & Stitch,” “Finding Nemo” and “Luca.” 

• Inspired by the eclectic world of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Big Hero 6,” San  Fransokyo Street will be a family entertainment area pulsing with the energy and  atmosphere of a vibrant street market and boasting an assortment of interactive games  and activities, shops, cinemas and more. 

• At Wayfinder Bay, guests will be called by “the line where the sky meets the sea” to an  open-air oasis under the sun, where relaxation and exclusive entertainment await. The  sophisticated yet casual poolside retreat will reflect the Pacific Islands-inspired artistry  of Disney Animation’s “Moana,” offering some of the most stunning views of the sea  and sky aboard the Disney Adventure.  

The magic of fantasy draws on hopes, dreams and wishes to create whimsical new worlds from  many of Disney’s most beloved and timeless stories, with fairytales made real in the enchanting  and expansive Town Square. 

• Town Square will be a celebration of Disney royals — a magical land dedicated to those  who wish upon a star hoping their dreams will come true. This fantastical forest filled  with shops, lounges, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues will exude the  enchanting feeling of summer in full bloom with nods to “Tangled,” “Cinderella,”  “Frozen,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “The Princess and the Frog,” and more. 

The heart of every Disney adventure is the irresistible thrill and joyful delight of boldly  embarking on new and exciting experiences, a feeling guests will dare to discover within Marvel  Landing and Toy Story Place. 

• At Marvel Landing, heroes will unite in a destination for fans of all ages. As a celebration  of Marvel’s larger-than-life personalities, this area will offer Avengers-level adventure,  with all-new attractions and experiences that showcase imaginative representations of  guests’ favorite Super Heroes. 

• Toy Story Place will inspire guests to explore, create, connect and have fun in a  whimsical, interactive play land with themed food venues and water play areas, where  the world of Pixar’s “Toy Story” movies and shorts springs to life in surprising and  inventive ways. 

Where Magic Meets the Sea 

The Disney Adventure will offer guests a Disney Cruise Line holiday on a grand scale, including  the hallmarks of every Disney cruise – fun and relaxation for everyone onboard, incredible dining, world-class entertainment and exceptional guest service.

Every sailing will include an endless array of indoor and outdoor fun, with exciting attractions,  interactive play areas, fun in the sun and special entertainment, plus so much more for families  to enjoy together. Young cruisers will have the time of their lives with dedicated spaces and  clubs for kids, tweens and teens, while adults relax and unwind with premium dining, lounge  and spa experiences. 

“Consumers in this region have shown such strong affinity for Disney, and we are thrilled to  bring an unparalleled Disney Cruise Line vacation to their backyard,” said Sarah FoxVice  President and Regional General Manager, Asia, Disney Cruise Line. “By infusing Disney’s  signature service with handpicked experiences unique to Asia, guests can look forward to the  magic at sea through personalized touches, a selection of global cuisines, and abundant retail  offerings carrying a distinct local flavor.” 

A highlight of every Disney cruise holiday is the world-class entertainment that brings the ship  to life. Throughout the Disney Adventure, guests will enjoy unforgettable character encounters,  dazzling stage shows brimming with Disney songs and characters, signature events, first-run  films, karaoke and game shows.  

Guests aboard the Disney Adventure will also enjoy the exceptional dining and impeccable  service that Disney Cruise Line is known for. Guests will indulge in a collection of imaginative  restaurants where dinner is more than a meal — it’s a chance to feast on favorite Disney stories  through immersive theming and distinctly Disney entertainment. Guests will be accompanied  by the same dedicated service team throughout the voyage, adding a level of familiarity and  attention to their dining experience. 

When it’s time to rest, guests will retreat to well-appointed staterooms complete with special  Disney touches and family-friendly conveniences, such as Disney Cruise Line’s signature split bath concept, which allows two people to get ready at once. The Disney Adventure will also feature extensive concierge accommodations, providing ultimate luxury and a heightened level  of personalized service and convenience, including access to exclusive areas and amenities such  as a private indoor lounge, an expansive sundeck with a pool and whirlpools, high-end shopping  venues, and dedicated spa and fitness facilities. 

A New Adventure on the Horizon  

Beginning in 2025, the Disney Adventure will sail three- and four-night cruises from the Marina  Bay Cruise Centre for at least five years as part of a collaboration between Disney Cruise Line  and Singapore Tourism Board. Singapore’s strategic location, world-class air connectivity and  port infrastructure make it a thriving cruise hub in Southeast Asia, a diverse region that is home  to over 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Disney Cruise Line estimates the passenger capacity of the 208,000-gross-ton Disney Adventure  to be approximately 6,700 with around 2,500 crew members.  

More details about the maiden voyage and onboard experiences will be announced at a later  date.

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