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TIA Wellness Resort Gets a Refresh With New Wellness Treatments and Rooms


An oceanfront resort that has helped shape the wellness industry in Vietnam continues to reinvent itself to meet the diverse needs of its guests through new treatments and improving the spaces in which those therapies are offered. This month TIA Wellness Resort launches four new treatments including a new master therapy, a retreat-exclusive treatment, and gives its 22 treatment rooms a facelift.

“Our experience, and guest health assessments, revealed a heightened need for tension relief in areas commonly affected by daily life, especially due to the digitalization and prolonged screen time many of us experience,” explained Ramon Imper, general manager of the resort.

Guests taking part in one of the customized retreat programs at the property can now experience cupping, an ancient healing technique that originated in China and is a mainstay of traditional Vietnamese medicine. TIA Wellness Resort’s cupping therapy was developed by Dr. Phan Minh Duc, head of the Rehabilitation Center in Quang Nam province, where the resort is located, in collaboration with the property’s wellness training manager.

The 60-minute ‘Vietnamese Cupping Therapy’ involves a gentle tissue warm-up followed by the application of suction cups at acupuncture points. The traditional therapy has a host of benefits ranging from draining excess fluids and toxins to increasing blood flow to the skin and muscles. It also stimulates the peripheral nervous system and strengthens the immune system.

The two 30-minute treatments that specifically cater to daily computer users include a ‘Back & Shoulder Tension Release,’ to provide lasting relief and relaxation to an area where many people hold stress; and the ‘Holistic Head & Neck Harmony,’ a meridian-point therapy focusing on the head and neck to reset and balance mental well-being and overall health. The treatment also helps with neck mobility, while offering deep relaxation.

“We also recognized a growing need to focus on leg care,” added Ramon. “Traditionally, legs receive less attention and limited treatment time in most massages. To address this, we created the new leg recovery treatment, which is dedicated solely to the legs.”



The 50-minute ‘Deep Tissue Leg Recovery,’ alleviates tension and fatigue in the legs through a combination of deep tissue techniques and gentle stretches. In contrast to desk-bound workers this is a good fit for those who are on their feet all day, recovering from intense physical activity, or have just taken a long flight. The revitalizing treatment promotes blood circulation and muscle recovery.

In recent months the wellness team have also added new facials in collaboration with Comfort Zone, a science-based, regenerative and sustainable skincare brand founded in Italy. Four different facials on the menu tap the botanical powers of the nourishing skincare brand with options including: Recover Touch, Active Pureness, Hydra Glow, and Remedy Soothing. All are 50-minutes.

The new offerings complement the existing line up of 29 treatments available to wellness-inclusive guests. Guests who book a retreat also have access to an additional seven therapies including sound healing, master reiki, and the new Vietnamese cupping treatment.

With the addition of the treatments comes a renewed focus on the treatment room design. Elements have been added to the existing 22 rooms to create a more peaceful ambiance in line with the original design philosophy.

The resort’s overall design draws inspiration from the Forbidden City, a walled city inside an age-old Citadel in the nearby former capital of Hue. The greater emphasis now placed on arches within the treatment rooms mimics the arches present in the UNESCO-protected structures throughout the historic site.

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