Traveloka Launches Reschedule+ to Support User's Travel Flexibility

Traveloka Reschedule+

Amid the return of public interest in traveling, Traveloka, a travel and lifestyle platform in Southeast Asia, announced the launch of the Reschedule+ feature, the first innovation in Indonesia that offers the most complete flight rescheduling feature. The needs and aspirations of users continue to grow especially in the aspect of flexibility, it has encouraged Traveloka to introduce the latest innovations that promote convenience, comfort, and the best travel experience for consumers. Through the Reschedule+ feature, consumers have the option to make broader adjustments, not only limited to flight times but also can freely change destinations to airlines as needed.

Based on data released by Google entitled Next-Gen Travel Search in 2021, flexibility is one of the travel planning considerations for millennial and Z generations up to 56 percent. This is also reflected in Traveloka's internal data which shows that the Reschedule feature is one of the features frequently used by consumers. In the past year, as many as 60% of Traveloka flight consumers stated that they are very interested in booking airplane tickets that offer optimal flexibility in adjusting schedules.

Iko Putera, CEO of Transport, Traveloka, said, "As a technology company, Traveloka understands the dynamic needs of consumers, and sees that convenience is a crucial aspect for consumers when planning a trip. Therefore, we are proud to launch Traveloka Reschedule+ as a comprehensive flight adjustment service solution for consumers. We also thank the airlines that also support the presence of the Reschedule+ feature. We believe, with the spirit of collaboration, this innovation will further strengthen Indonesia's sustainable tourism ecosystem.

Traveloka Reschedule+

Reschedule+ provides a 360° Reschedule service that allows consumers to make adjustments to flight plans starting from time, and destination to airline according to their needs. Currently, the benefits of 360° Reschedule can be found by consumers in several airlines serving various domestic flight destinations, namely Batik Air, Citilink, Lion Air, Super Air Jet, and Wings Air.

The Reschedule+ feature makes it easy to submit travel plan adjustments via the Traveloka application with a real-time process. The following is the process for using the Reschedule+ feature in the Traveloka application:
● Select and order airline tickets with the “Reschedule+” label to find out which flights apply to that feature
● After purchasing a plane ticket, if you want to make adjustments to your itinerary, select the "Reschedule" menu on the E-ticket on the "Order" page either through the Traveloka application or the website
● Choose the type of reschedule: Reschedule+ and specify the destination, time, and airline as needed
● After determining the desired destination, time, and airline, fill in the data needed to make payments for rescheduling fees or refunding the remaining costs from the latest itinerary adjustments
● After filling in all the required data, users can easily enjoy their dream trip.

Kadek Arini, Traveloka Loyal User and Travel Content Creator, said, “Since I've been actively traveling again, the rescheduling option is one of the options that I make sure I have every time I want to book a plane. Health conditions ahead of the trip, travel policy adjustments to sudden schedule changes are a variety of possibilities that can occur at any time during and after a pandemic. As a loyal Traveloka user, the presence of Reschedule+ gives me more peace and confidence in planning flights easily, without the need to change existing travel plans, and I can even plan and book vacation tickets anytime and anywhere without hesitation because everything is done in one application only."

“As the leading travel and lifestyle platform in Southeast Asia, Traveloka always tries to provide the best experience for its users through every innovation it presents. The flexibility and ease of the flight re-planning process provided by Reschedule+ is expected to help consumers create the best travel experience with Traveloka," concluded Iko.