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These 4 MODENA Household Appliances are Ready to Accompany Your Daily Activities during Ramadan

These 4 MODENA Household Appliances are Ready to Accompany Your Daily Activities during Ramadan

In the midst of the splendor of the month of Ramadan and the joy of welcoming Eid, household preparations are no less important than other preparations. From kitchen matters to laundry needs, the right household tools can really help ease the burden of daily activities during Ramadan. MODENA, with its latest innovations, is here to meet household needs.

These 4 MODENA Household Appliances are Ready to Accompany Your Daily Activities during Ramadan

MODENA Washing Machine Series to Lighten Daily Laundry Tasks
As the holidays approach, quite a few household assistants may be celebrating Eid in their hometowns, so washing clothes becomes a task they have to face alone. In situations like this, household preparations for Ramadan and Eid become more difficult. One of the things that needs to be prepared well is laundry. MODENA comes with a variety of sophisticated solutions, such as the practical MODENA WashStation WW 1139 VSDG with the FabriCare Technology feature to maintain the quality of clothes, as well as a top-down (stacked) washer and dryer to save space. For washing the family's clothes, the MODENA WD 1137 DFDG Front-Load Washing Machine is an efficient choice with a drum capacity of 11kg and 14 washing modes, including BabyCare & SterileCare. Meanwhile, for those who have limited washing space, the MODENA WT 1227 DHDG Top-Load Washing Machine is a practical solution with a DelayEnd feature of up to 24 hours and AutoClean to automatically keep the machine clean. With MODENA WashStation, Front-Load Washing Machine, and Top-Load Washing Machine, laundry activities at home become more efficient and comfortable, ensuring you have clean clothes throughout Ramadan and Eid.

MODENA Washing Machine Series

MODENA Bottom Load Water Dispenser for a Practical Solution for Fresh Water Needs During Fasting
In everyday life, comfort is key, especially when it comes to providing clean water at home. In the long and fasting month of Ramadan, the need for fresh water becomes very important when breaking the fast and sahur. MODENA Bottom Load Water Dispenser is presented as a practical and efficient solution to ensure the availability of fresh water at all times. With the bottom-load dispenser type, you can refill it without having to lift heavy gallons of water. This dispenser is also equipped with a heavy-duty compressor feature for efficient and long-lasting hydration comfort. The DD 1312 BABK Bottom Load Dispenser is a product with a harmonious blend of comfort, elegance, intelligence and durability - a clear depiction of how modern living can be integrated with smart and stylish home appliances. With the MODENA Bottom Load Water Dispenser, the need for fresh water during Ramadan can be met easily and comfortably.

MODENA Bottom Load Water Dispenser

MODENA Multifunction Oven for a Practical Solution for Making Delicious and Easy Eid Cakes
The month of Ramadan is the right time to celebrate the tradition of making pastries and special dishes to welcome Eid. With the MODENA 2-in-1 Oven & Air-Fryer, you can cook more practically and efficiently, producing delicious and healthy dishes for your family and guests. This innovative product from MODENA combines baking and frying functions in one equipment, the BO 1661 HABK. With a Multifunctional Program, this oven is designed with 12 cooking function modes that can be adjusted to suit the menu of the dish being cooked, as well as precise temperature control to ensure the baking process takes place perfectly. The Crisp Air feature also ensures fast, intense and even air circulation, so that food is cooked perfectly with minimal oil use. The Touch Control System on the oven panel makes it easier to operate and manage the oven, making it friendly for home use. With a timeless design, the BO 1661 HABK not only provides good performance, but is also easy to place in various kitchen interior settings.

Oven Multifungsi MODENA

MODENA Refrigerator Series for Various Storage Needs During Ramadan
During the month of Ramadan, readiness to provide quality and well-stored food is very important. Responding to these needs, MODENA, as a leader in household appliance innovation, provides various types of refrigerators with innovative features to keep food fresher for longer. The choice of refrigerator types offered is quite diverse, ranging from Multi-doors, Two-doors, Side-by-Side, to Built-in. These refrigerators are equipped with innovative features that make everyday use easier. One type of refrigerator launched by MODENA is the RF 2250 TGDS two-door refrigerator, which is suitable for young families or limited kitchen space. This refrigerator offers economical electricity consumption of only IDR 1,205/day and innovative features such as Fresh+ technology and Active Fresh Deodorizer to keep food fresh for up to 10 days, Fast Cool mode, and Flexi Door. Apart from that, MODENA also introduced other refrigerators with superior features such as Ultra Space, which offers wider storage space of up to 265 liters, as well as other series such as Side-by-Side, Multi-doors, and Built-in which were just released at the beginning of the year 2024. With advanced technology to maintain food freshness for up to 12 days, the MODENA refrigerator series can be an ideal choice to welcome the month of Ramadan.


With these four MODENA household appliances, preparing for Ramadan and Eid becomes easier and more comfortable. MODENA Washing Machine Series, MODENA Bottom Load Water Dispenser, 2-in-1 Oven & Air-Fryer MODENA BO 1661 HABK, and MODENA Refrigerator Series, are all designed to meet daily needs with the best innovation. From washing clothes to storing food, MODENA is here as a loyal solution that has accompanied Indonesian families for more than 40 years amidst the warmth of its users' special moments. Welcome the month of Ramadan with the best readiness and comfort with MODENA.

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