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Celebrate Happy Sunday with the Pocky Bag Parade

Celebrate Happy Sunday with the Pocky Bag Parade

The Pocky Love trend is very viral on social media. It turns out there is another new trend called Pocky Bags. What's unique is that this Pocky bag is arranged and made in various bag shapes such as backpacks and sling bags.

Celebrate Happy Sunday with the Pocky Bag Parade

The Pocky Bag trend has recently been making waves on social media. In this trend, many young Indonesian people are excited about using Pocky Bags from Pocky stick biscuit snack packaging to give to their friends. This is a form of gratitude and affection for friends with special handiwork. Moreover, the Pocky Bag is made from young people's favorite snack which is delicious and practical to enjoy and has a unique and different shape, especially as it can be filled with other special items. Apart from that, when unboxing, this Pocky bag can also be enjoyed together and shared Pocky for happiness with friends or family.

Pocky bags, which are arranged into the form of backpacks and sling bags, are very trending on Tiktok right now. Young people use these Pocky bags when they are hanging out or walking around the mall with their lovers or closest friends.

"With so many enthusiastic Pocky Bag lovers going viral on Social Media, both Tiktok and Instagram. "To appreciate this, we will hold activities during Car Free Day. Come and celebrate Happy Week at the Pocky Bag Parade which will be held on Sunday, November 5 2023 during the Car Free Day event," said Gorby Santosa as Brand Manager of PT Glico Indonesia.

The Pocky Bag Parade collaborates with 55 Rollerblade players, the majority of whom are young people, all of whom wear Pocky Bags and very trendy Pocky attributes, the starting point starts from Senayan to the Hotel Indonesia roundabout.

Apart from that, there will also be a Pocky booth where Pocky Bag products will be sold for Pocky lovers and these Pocky Bags can be used directly during Car Free Day. Apart from that, there will also be various activities at the booth such as Zumba, acoustic band performances and many more. many more interesting promotions.

"Through the Pocky Bag trend, young people can express their affection for their loved ones with positive expressions and increase their self-confidence," concluded Gorby Santosa.