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Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills to Officially Launch the Resort’s Artist Playground: ArtPlayStudio


Inspired by the global brand's passion through modern and artistic ways to push the guest's boundaries

Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills, the first Pullman Resort of its kind in Indonesia under Accor, has announced the launch of ArtPlay Studio, which will take place on 16 November 2023. This studio is a creative facility that encourages the exploration of art and advocates the appreciation of an individual's uniqueness through art. It also provides an environment that stimulates the imagination and invites everyone to express themselves through various art forms.

Located on batur Building 2nd floor, ArtPlay Studio offers various art forms, including painting, digital art, crafts, and much more. The studio combines ideas with colors, lines, and patterns, allowing each individual to create art that reflects their imagination. This is a place where expression knows no bounds, and everyone is welcome to explore their creativity in the way that suits them best.

"Pullman Ciawi, through Artplay Studio, strongly believes that art is one of the best ways to celebrate the uniqueness of every individual. Everyone has a different imagination, and art gives them the space to express it. We are excited to be a part of everyone's creative journey and hope to inspire people to pursue art as a means of self-expression and personal achievement," said Gilles Tressens, General Manager of the resort.

Together with Makers, the resort is commited to providing a wide and high-quality color palette that will enable artists in the ArtPlay Studio to create stunning artworks. This partnership will grant access to high-quality paint, enriching the art experience in our studio and inspiring  artists to express their uniqueness through art in a more creative manner.

ArtPlay Studio was inspired by Pullman's brand passion for art and design and interprets different resort experience in a modern, inspirational, and artistic way as well as one of its programs, Artists Playground. This builds a massive effect caused by the brand's enormous commitment to art in general, comprising contemporary designs, photography, music, local culture and keeps establising its brand passion to life through innovative activations. These also boasts the ArtPlay Studio as a one-of-a-kind provision to raise brand awareness and reinforce the brand's DNA and positioning.

Every individual possesses unique characteristics that make them different, and art has long been considered a perfect channel for understanding and celebrating that uniqueness. ArtPlay Studio at Pullman Ciawi aims to facilitate self-expression and inspire creativity through art. The studio offers facilities and guidance for all ages dedicated not only for kids but the entire family. With that being said, it is specially designed for those who want to try art for the first time, or for professionals. Starting from Splash Art (shooting, throwing, and spinning), Pendulum Art, and Break Brick painting using regular paint and glow-in-the-dark- paint with  special lighting support so that guests can see the glow-in-the-dark artwork.

Celebrating the opening day, Pullman Ciawi invites A Trust for A Child (ATFAC), a foundation established by Accor Indonesia in 2001. Children representing ATFAC will be the first to experience the exclusive ArtPlay Studio, expressing their best talents through captivating artworks. We hope that this opportunity will allow ATFAC children to learn and appreciate the beauty of art while enjoying the exceptional facilities offered by Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills.

As the first of its kind in the Bogor area, ArtPlay Studio is an extraordinary additional facility to join twenty-plus resort family activities. Opening prior to the year-end festivities embody enlightening Christmas programs and New Year's Eve Party, this arena will be absolutely take guests to the next  level of long-awaited holiday and rank up their creativities to create superb memories that last a lifetime. For further information on the ArtPlay Studio and the resort, please visit