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Padma Hotel Semarang Unveils Waterpark for an Unparalleled Aquatic Adventure

Padma Hotel Semarang Waterpark

Padma Hotel Semarang is thrilled to unveil its newest attraction: a waterpark that promises an unparalleled aquatic adventure for families and guests of all ages. Opening its gates in early March, this enchanting park will welcome visitors daily from 7 AM to 7 PM. This facility is designed to deliver unforgettable moments of fun and excitement for guests staying at the hotel to enjoy.

Padma Hotel Semarang Unveils Waterpark for an Unparalleled Aquatic Adventure

Spanning across 2,700 square metres, the amusement park will boast exhilarating water slides that promise endless thrills. Enhanced by natural surroundings and cascading waterfalls, the park exudes a tranquil ambiance, providing a serene retreat amidst the excitement. Our dedicated team of pool guards diligently oversees the park to ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for all visitors.

Padma Hotel Semarang’s general manager Yani Suwanda pointed out, “The construction of the waterpark facility aims to provide diverse and unlimited entertainments for guests. Padma Hotel Semarang is committed to providing comfortable and friendly environment for guests and all families and all guests can enrich their experience during their stay.”

Padma Semarang Waterpark

Additionally, there is well and thoroughly designed playground, featuring attractive facilities such as Kids Pool, Water Slide, Water Features, Waterfall, Tree House with Slide, Tunnel & Rope, Mounding with Tunnel, Rock Climber, Mini Slide, Stepping Stone, Spring Toys, Trampoline, Circle Swing, Spring Bowls, Seesaw, Sandbox, and Carousel, crafting a realm of joy for children who delight in imaginative play and exploration. There is also an Archery Field, providing an outlet for guests seeking engaging physical activities throughout their stay.

Padma Hotel Semarang goes beyond offering just a waterpark and playground for guests, children, and adolescents as it extend a diverse range of facilities and activities to enhance the overall guest experience. For those interested in playing billiards, the hotel deck provides the perfect setting. Additionally, an indoor play area offers opportunities for guests to enjoy games like darts or ping pong, ensuring there's something for everyone. Guests can also indulge in refreshments or light bites at the waterpark's restaurant.

Padma Hotel Semarang boasts relaxing resort-style ambiance, with lush gardens, swimming pools and excellent array of indoor and open air facilities and event spaces.

For more details and reservation, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] atau WhatsApp +62 878-8801-1314.

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