Run for Cardio, Cleanliness, and Coffee!

% Arabica Bali Kuta Beachwalk promotes environmental awareness through a clean-up run in partnership with Spossa’s Green Back Walk & Run and IndoRunners Bali.

In an effort to raise environmental consciousness, % Arabica, the Japanese specialty coffee brand located in Bali Kuta Beachwalk, joined the recent Green Back Walk & Run, spearheaded by Spossa Japan (Sports Sustainability Initiative) and IndoRunners Bali, on March 4, 2023, with the aim of promoting environmental awareness and sustainability through sports.

% Arabica

The Green Back Walk & Run is a 5km run and walk event that started at Kuta beach and finished at % Arabica Bali Kuta Beachwalk, where participants can enjoy specialty coffee while interacting with the like-minded, eco-friendly community. The event commenced with a brief discussion about waste management, led by Malu Dong Community, an Indonesian environmental NGO that has garbage collection activities on the coast, rivers, and mountains of Bali, Indonesia. Malu Dong Community also supports eco-friendly initiatives in Bali, such as beach clean-ups, reforestation programs, and plastic reduction campaigns.

After the discussion, participants walked along Kuta Beach for a 5km clean-up, picking up trash all over the beach, with the endpoint set at % Arabica Bali Kuta Beachwalk. In the event, there was “plogging,” which is litter-picking while walking and running. There was also interaction among runners, as well as environmental education for all participants.

This event takes place a day before the Tokyo Marathon, and coincides with Spossa Japan’s own version of the Green Back Walk Run, happening on the same day.

With the ongoing waste management issues in Bali, % Arabica Bali Kuta Beachwalk, in partnership with IndoRunners Bali and Spossa Japan, hopes to raise awareness and encourage the involvement of environmental preservation in the community.

% Arabica

As a truly global brand, % Arabica is a staunch believer that the world’s resources should be preserved and sustainability practices are put in place. % Arabica Bali Kuta Beachwalk is the first % Arabica store in the world to be plastic cup free.

This global roll-out begins in Bali and soon, every % Arabica store in the world will be plastic cup free. The brand aims to cultivate a more sustainable environment and a culture of responsible coffee lovers around the world.

With small actions that make a big impact, % Arabica Bali Kuta Beachwalk draws greater eco-friendly awareness, together with IndoRunners Bali and Spossa Japan’s effort to make Bali a cleaner, greener, and healthier place.

% Arabica Bali Kuta Beachwalk
1st Floor Alfresco, Beachwalk
Jl. Pantai Kuta, Bali 80361
Monday - Sunday, 08 AM - 10 PM
Instagram: @arabica.indonesia