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A Grandeous Stay Experience at Grand Hyatt Bali's Family-Themed Room

As the crown jewel of Nusa Dua resorts, Grand Hyatt Bali offers an unparalleled blend of business and pleasure for decades. They are also constantly putting effort and creativity to improve and innovate their service. One of them is through their recently unveiled 'Family-Themed Room'. We recently embarked on a splendid family getaway to the enchanting island of Bali, where we indulged in a truly extraordinary experience at one of the resort's aforementioned facilities. During our three-day, two-night stay, we have been whisked away into a magical world of adventure and imagination in the captivating Under the Sea Family-Themed Room. This is our pleasant story.

A Grandeous Stay Experience at Grand Hyatt Bali's Family-Themed Room

As we stepped foot into the resort's grandees precinct, we were immediately greeted with a refreshing welcome drink, accompanied by two hotel staff members adorned with crowns and tridents. Dressed in elegant light blue shirts and pants, their attire immediately signaled our extraordinary journey into the realm of the family-themed room, enhancing our immersive experience from the very beginning. Our themed room, located on the South Village compound, requires us to walk from the lobby area. But since Grand Hyatt Bali is built with the 'Small Village' concept, it really didn't feel like a hassle, because of the meticulous pathways that accommodate the guest to stroll around conveniently. They even give us a colorful map marking the whole 17,3 hectares of the iconic resort area!  

There are actually two types of Grand Hyatt's Family-Themed Room; Pirates Adventure and Under The Sea. While the Under the Sea Family Room features twin beds and all the sea creatures-themed decorations for your little princes and princesses, the Pirates Adventure Family Room features a two-story bunk bed that resembled a ship, complete with a treasure chest cabinet.

Mermaid Family Themed Room
The vibrant and lovely Sea Family-Themed Room. Check the sassy seashell pillows!

Entering the cozy and eye-catching Under the Sea Family-Themed Room, we were enveloped in a symphony of pink and blue hues. The walls, predominantly adorned in shades of pink, featured captivating murals of underwater life, extending even to the ceiling. The room exuded a sense of comfort and charm, inviting us to embark on an aquatic adventure like no other.

Whale TV
Sea Family-Themed Room's Whale TV, how cute!

Our attention was immediately drawn to the intricately placed LED TV, cleverly framed as a majestic blue whale, effortlessly adding to the room's ambiance. The walls further delighted us with the presence of whimsical blue fish fins, playfully adorning the pink backdrop. We couldn't help but admire the unique fishtail-shaped cabinet, which held a treasure trove of accessories, including colorful pearl necklaces, shell earrings, fishtail hairclips, and an adorable little mermaid bag.

Treasure Box
Whimsy pink treasure box in the room's playful corner

In one corner of the room, a delightful pink treasure chest and a small table with two seats beckoned the little ones to immerse themselves in playful activities. It was a perfect spot for them to engage in imaginative play, fostering moments of joy and togetherness. As we marveled at the room's intricate details, we couldn't help but notice the remarkable fuchsia seashell pillows adorning the twin beds as well. These charming accents added a touch of whimsy and comfort, ensuring that even the littlest of princes and princesses had a dreamy slumber.

Mermaid Costume
Mermaid costumes for the little ones

The attention to detail extended seamlessly to the bathroom, where we discovered walls dressed in delightful shades of pink. The mirror, framed in the shape of a shell, served as a whimsical reflection of our excitement. The space truly embraced the undersea theme, allowing us to immerse ourselves in a world filled with enchantment. To our astonishment, the Grand Hyatt Bali had gone above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience for our little ones. Two mermaid lower-body costumes awaited their arrival, allowing them to step into the shoes, or rather, fins of these mythical creatures. The joy on their faces, as they embraced their inner mermaid, was simply priceless.

Grand Room
Grand Room; parents can stay in this room, which is directly connected to the Sea-Themed Room

The Under the Sea Room seamlessly connected to the master room through a connecting door. Parents will be delighted to retreat to this tranquil sanctuary, featuring the signature comfort and amenities that the Grand Hyatt Bali is renowned for. The master room exuded elegance, boasting a plush sofa-bed corner for unwinding, a balcony overlooking the lush garden, serene ponds, and majestic trees, as well as a spacious and lavishly appointed bathroom. Upon entering the master room, we were greeted by an exquisite display of assorted chocolate boxes. Each box was carefully crafted and adorned with letters, forming the word 'GRAND' when combined. The delectable chocolate bars inside offered a delightful array of flavors, ranging from milk and cashew nut to ginger honey, strawberry, and even chili. The thoughtful gesture showcased the Grand Hyatt Bali's commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for its guests.


In addition to the enchanting Under the Sea Family-Themed Room, Grand Hyatt Bali offers guests the opportunity to indulge in the magnificent Grand Inclusion program during their getaway. By opting for a minimum 5-night stay, guests unlock a plethora of luxury add-ons that elevate their experience to new heights. The Grand Inclusion program encompasses delightful daily breakfasts, accompanied by exquisite dining experiences complemented by a selection of wine, beer, spirits, and mocktails. Moreover, guests are bestowed with a generous $50 spa credit and a $50 resort activity credit per stay per paying adult. As an extra treat, complimentary access to the resort's Oceania Kids Club is provided, ensuring that every member of the family finds joy and entertainment. 

Garden Cafe
Tantalizing European menus at Garden Cafe

Amidst this grandeur, guests can also indulge their palates at the resort's exceptional culinary facilities, such as the trusty buffet-style breakfasts at Water Court, the elevated European cuisine at Garden Cafe, dining at the unique Pasar Senggol outdoor restaurant with enchanting live music, and the tantalizing Teppanyaki-style menus in an authentic Japanese setting at the critically-acclaimed Nampu restaurant. For a leisurely afternoon, the Pool Bar beckons with signature cocktails, refreshing beverages, and delightful light bites, all savored in the blissful surroundings. Furthermore, the resort's direct access to the pristine white-sandy beach area, just a stone's throw away from the Pool Bar, invites guests to immerse themselves in a tropical paradise.

Kriya Spa Room
One of Kriya Spa's Room for Indulging Wellness Treatment

Guests can also indulge themselves in holistic treatment during their Grand Inclusion stay at the resort's Kriya Spa. This expansive wellness center, boasting an architectural style reminiscent of a majestic water palace, offers a truly immersive experience for guests. As you step onto the stone platform, you are greeted by a serene atmosphere enveloped by calm waters, creating an oasis of serenity. The spa features 24 thoughtfully designed rooms, each named after exquisite flowers and spices, such as the enchanting Cendana. Inside, you will find a haven of comfort, with every room equipped with full air conditioning to ensure the perfect ambiance for relaxation. Immerse yourself in pampering treatments, like the rejuvenating 60-minute Balinese massage, designed to soothe your body and uplift your spirit.

Our grandiose stay in the Under the Sea Family-Themed Room at Grand Hyatt Bali truly exceeded our expectations. This extraordinary space, designed with impeccable attention to detail and a creative flair, transported us to a world of wonder and adventure. The thoughtful amenities, captivating decorations, and seamless connection to the master room ensured that our family holiday was nothing short of magical. Furthermore, the resort's dedication to enhancing our stay with the Grand Inclusion program, featuring delightful dining experiences, spa, and resort credits, added an extra layer of luxury and enjoyment to our vacation. Grand Hyatt Bali, one of Bali's most sought-out pioneer resorts, truly exceeded our expectations; leaving us with cherished memories of a family holiday that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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