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Unveiling Lombok's Ageless Charm: An Unforgettable Media Trip at Sudamala Senggigi

Unveiling Lombok's Ageless Charm: An Unforgettable Media Trip at Sudamala Senggigi

Sudamala Resort organized an extraordinary Media Fam Trip, inviting media representatives from Bali and Lombok for an unforgettable experience at Sudamala Senggigi. What's New Bali was honored to be part of this exclusive event. Discover the full experience in our detailed story!

Unveiling Lombok's Ageless Charm: An Unforgettable Media Trip at Sudamala Senggigi


Round Up and Conveniently Setting Sail

Sudamala Senggigi Media Trip 1
Cruising From Bali to Lombok With Ekayaja Fast Boat

Our journey began seamlessly as we gathered at Sudamala Sanur before being transported to Padang Bai harbor and crossed the sea with Ekajaya Fast Ferry. Known for its reliable and comfortable services, Ekajaya operates modern aluminum ferries, each 34 meters long and capable of accommodating 210 passengers. With powerful Volvo D16 engines, our journey across the Lombok Strait was smooth and enjoyable. The extensive routes offered by Ekajaya, including Serangan, Penida, Lembongan, and various Gili islands, make it easy for travelers to explore multiple destinations effortlessly.

Sudamala Senggigi Media Trip 2
Convenient and Eclectic Suranadi One Bedroom Villa

Arrival and Splendid Accommodation

Upon arrival at Sudamala Senggigi, we were welcomed into the lap of luxury, experiencing the authentic essence of Sasaknese living. The resort's design, featuring traditional thatched roofs, wooden bungalows, and intricately ornamented villas, showcases the exquisite beauty of local architecture. The mesmerizing ocean backdrop and captivating sunsets added a touch of glamour to our stay. Our accommodation, the Suranadi One Bedroom Villa, was splendid, complete with private pools, courtyards, and a 'berugak' (Lombok traditional gazebo). The poolside courtyards featured intricate stonework and local fauna, providing a perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor relaxation. 

Dine With Senggigi Vibe

Dinner at Olah Olah Restaurant, situated by the beach, offered a serene and timeless Senggigi vibe. The restaurant's menu, a blend of sweet and spicy flavors, captures the island's gastronomic treasures. We savored a seafood Thai papaya salad, grilled fish of the day, and decadent chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream. The live music and breezy open-air interior elevated the dining experience.


Alluring Sunrise Activities

We started our second day with selections of engaging activities: a sunrise trek or yoga. The sunrise trek took us through a rugged hill just minutes from the resort, while the yoga session at The Deck area near the beach offered a peaceful start to the day. Breakfast at Olah Olah was a la carte, featuring a selection of Western and local cuisines, freshly made to maintain quality and taste. Guests can opt Western favorites or local goodness such as Egg Benedict or Nasi Goreng to start their day with indulging taste.

Sudamala Senggigi Media Trip 3
Visitting The Resort's Herb Garden, While Donning the Meticulous Sasak Attire!

Next, we visited the resort's very own herb garden near Olah Olah Restaurant, where spices like Lombok chili and eggplant are grown using compost from the kitchen's organic waste. Guests can participate in cooking classes and market visits, adding to the wholesome experience.

Sudamala Senggigi Media Trip Ayam Taliwang
Lombok's Staple 'Ayam Taliwang'; Freshly Grilled and Served!

Dressed in Sasak traditional attire, all participants enjoyed a captivating cooking demonstration, followed by a delectable lunch. The meal featured Nasi Ulam Lombok, a dish of rice wrapped in banana leaves, accompanied by nasi campur with egg, tender beef, and a variety of flavorful spices. Highlighting the lunch was the freshly cooked Ayam Taliwang, expertly prepared by the chef during the demo. This tender and flavorful chicken, made from Lombok's indigenous breed, paired perfectly with fresh and crunchy kangkung and urap, providing an authentic taste of Lombok's culinary heritage. Notably, Lombok's kangkung vegetable stands out for its distinct, fresh, and crunchy texture.

A Trip to Authentic Local Experiences, Taste, Scenic Views

Sudamala Senggigi Media Trip 4
Learning The Process of Farming Palm Sugar From Directly from the Expert!

Our local experience trip began with a visit to a palm sugar farm at a local farmer's house, where we learned about traditional farming methods and sampled organic gula aren and air aren. Next, we traveled to Tanjung City, passing a highway frequented by monkeys. These monkeys were a delightful sight throughout our journey, casually sitting on the steel barriers or playing in groups. There are specially designated roadside areas where people can stop and interact with the monkeys.

Sudamala Senggigi Media Trip 5
Picnic by Mendana Beach, Savoring the Iconic 'Sate Tanjung'

In Tanjung, we explored the hidden gem of Pantai Mendana, a secluded beach where we savored young coconut and Sate Tanjung, a regional specialty featuring grilled fish meat with spicy sauce. Unique to Northern Lombok, Sate Tanjung stands out from other satay varieties as it is grilled without using sauce. The fish satay boasts an incredibly tender texture, and with each bite, the perfect blend of spicy, savory flavors and aromatic spices unfolds, enhancing the overall taste. Made from fresh fish marinated in finely ground spices, Sate Tanjung offers a truly distinctive and delectable culinary treat.

Meticulous Buffet Dinner and Interactive Dance Performances

We concluded the day at Malimbu Hill, an ideal spot for sunset viewing, before returning to the resort and immediately went for dinner at The Deck. This open-air dining venue is located just beside the beach and not far from Olah-Olah restaurant. The barbecue buffet dinner was a highlight, enhanced by traditional Sasak dance and music. The meal featured a delightful variety of grilled meats, vegetables, soup, sweet desserts, and more, all served with a commitment to local and sustainable practices, offering guests a chance to dine in close proximity to the pristine Senggigi beach.

Among the highlights of the buffet were the perfectly grilled meats, Sayur Olah-Olah (a blend of fresh vegetables and a tasty sauce), thick and flavorful Soto soup with succulent chicken, and Tahu Goreng made from Lombok's iconic tofu. The dance performances, guided by a local MC, were highly engaging, inviting guests to participate. One of the dances that guests can partake in is Tari Peresean. This traditional dance, preserved from Lombok's ancestors and especially revered in the Sasak Ende village, involves a mock combat between male dancers using rattan sticks and cowhide shields. Guests could join in by 'fighting' with the dancers, making it an entertaining and interactive experience.

Destinations Around the Resort

Sudamala Senggigi Media Trip 6
Tiu Pupus Waterfall; One of Many Gorgeous Destinations Around Senggigi

Surrounding Sudamala Resort, Senggigi are numerous captivating destinations, each boasting its own distinct charm. Mangsit features tranquil beaches and local cuisine, while Sembalun serves as a gateway to Mount Rinjani, offering breathtaking trekking routes and panoramic vistas. Explore the traditional village of Desa Adat Gumantar to get first-hand experience in Sasak culture and craftsmanship, or visit Gangga Waterfall for a serene swim amidst lush greenery. For a quieter waterfall experience, Tiu Pupus awaits with its pristine jungle setting. Golf enthusiasts can tee off at Lombok Golf Kosaido, enjoying an international standard course with stunning views of Mount Rinjani and the ocean. These diverse locales promise a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and recreational activities, ensuring an enriching and adventurous experience around Sudamala Senggigi.


Departure and Sweet Goodbye

The third and final day of our memorable trip commenced with yet another delightful breakfast at Olah Olah, accompanied by clear skies and perfect weather—a fitting start to our departure from Sudamala Resort, Senggigi. As we bid farewell to the resort, the reliable Ekajaya Fast Ferry awaited us, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey back to Bali via Lombok's Bangsal port to Serangan harbor.


Our heartfelt thanks to Sudamala Resort, Senggigi and Ekajaya Fast Ferry for an extraordinary Lombok getaway. This trip offered a perfect blend of luxury, local culture, and timeless natural beauty of Bali's neighboring island, making it an unforgettable experience for all.

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