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Balinese Rich Tradition in a Glass: The Unveiling of Taru Pramana's Collective Cocktails at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Balinese Rich Tradition in a Glass: The Unveiling of Taru Pramana's Collective Cocktails at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, unveiled a captivating new chapter in its culinary journey with the launch of 'Taru Pramana'. Hosted at the enchanting Ambar Restaurant, nestled atop a cliff overlooking Ubud's picturesque landscape, this event was not just a celebration of mixology but a homage to the rich cultural heritage and wellness traditions of the region. What's New Bali had the distinct privilege of experiencing firsthand the unveiling of this enticing cocktail delight. Here's our story.

Balinese Rich Tradition in a Glass: The Unveiling of Taru Pramana's Collective Cocktails at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

An Immersive Sensory Voyage

Around noon, we gathered at the eclectic Ambar restaurant of Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve; eager to experience a sensory voyage unlike any other. The stage was set for a culinary experience that would tantalize the taste buds and nourish the soul, all while honoring the age-old wisdom of Ubud's medicinal plants.

Adi Saputra, Head Bartender of Mandapa
Adi Saputra, the Brain Behind Taru Pramana Cocktail Creations

Led by the Mandapa's esteemed head bartender, Adi Saputra, guests were introduced to the Taru Pramana collection – a series of eight exquisite cocktails meticulously crafted from locally sourced ingredients, each boasting its own unique blend of flavors and health benefits. Drawing inspiration from Ubud's cultural tapestry and the ancient wisdom of Lontar Taru Pramana, Adi's creations promised not only indulgence but also a deeper connection to nature and tradition.

Intricate Workshop and Cocktail Exploration

With Adi's expert guidance, we embarked on a journey of discovery, exploring the intricate flavors and healing properties of each cocktail. During the launching, we were presented with an intricate booklet, beautifully explaining the story behind Taru Pramana and also each of its creations. As Adi gave a workshop about some of the cocktails created from scratch with fresh ingredients, we were also given a precious chance to partake in the cocktail-making process.  From the invigorating Ubud Prince, infused with aromatic ginger, to the earthy tones of Wild Field, featuring the indigenous Kepiduh leaves, every sip revealed a story of wellness and tradition.

My Grandma Cocktail Taru Pramana
'My Grandma', One of Taru Pramana's Intricate Cocktail

What set Taru Pramana apart was its commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. Adi's passion for preserving medicinal plants and his dedication to minimizing waste shone through in every aspect of the cocktail-making process. Nothing went to waste – every part of the plant was thoughtfully utilized to create tantalizing concoctions that not only delighted the palate but also honored the natural world.

As the evening unfolded, we found ourselves immersed further in a world of flavor and indigenous culture, with each cocktail offering a glimpse into the intricate Ubud's heritage. From the family-inspired My Grandma which also paid homage to traditional "Nginang" rituals, to the volcanic flavors of Batur's Lava, infused with Kintamani tangerine, every sip was a celebration of Bali's vibrant spirit and timeless traditions.

The true essence of Taru Pramana lay not just in its flavors but in the stories it told – tales of ancient wisdom, healing powers, and the timeless connection between nature and humanity. As Adi eloquently expressed, "All plants can tell a fascinating story – they can talk and have special healing powers." Through Taru Pramana, guests were invited to partake in this storytelling, savor the flavors of tradition, and off on a journey of cultural immersion.

The Preceding Brunch Feast (Optional)

Mandapa Royal Brunch
Mandapa Royal Brunch Delight

Before experiencing the Taru Pramana cocktail adventure at Ambar, guests who come on Sunday can also opt to indulge in the opulent and renowned Mandapa's Royal Brunch buffet feast. Set against the serene backdrop of Ubud's Ayung riverside, guests can savor arrays of delightful international dishes, from succulent chicken shawarma, sizzling Brazilian BBQ, a warm bowl of authentic ramen, to the rich flavors of beef oxtail soup. A crispy suckling pig, fresh seafood delights, and custom-made pasta further elevate the dining experience at Sawah Terrace, where panoramic views of the Ayung River create an unforgettable ambiance.

A Journey of Cultural Discovery

As the whole compelling session of Taru Pramana ended, we were left with memories of an extraordinary culinary and cocktail experience unlike any other. Taru Pramana had not only tantalized our taste buds but had also transported us on a journey of cultural discovery and wellness. Through meticulously crafted cocktails infused with the essence of Ubud's medicinal plants, bartender Adi had connected the guest with the rich Balinese heritage, all while embracing sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Ambar Restaurant Mandapa
Ambar Restaurant Mandapa at Dawn

We departed Ambar Restaurant filled with a deeper appreciation for the timeless connection between nature, culture, and the art of mixology. Taru Pramana had indeed woven a new chapter in the culinary narrative of Mandapa, inviting guests to savor the essence of Ubud's rejuvenating soul with every sip.

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