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Intrigue Madverse Singapore


Intrigue Summit taking place in Singapore from March 20th to 21st, 2024. This prestigious occasion brings together the intersection of marketing and technological innovation, offering a platform for engaging discussions centered around cutting-edge topics such as digital marketing trends, artificial intelligence (AI), search engine optimization (SEO), and other strategic areas. The event presents an exceptional opportunity to expand one's professional network, acquire valuable knowledge, and discover innovative approaches to enhance marketing strategies.

Here is the official website of the event Intrigue Summit Singapore - 2024.

Here is a glimpse of speakers who will take the stage at the event:

Guneet Singh - Head Marketing & Creative Solutions at Google
Mark O - Corporate Marketing Director at Phoenix Contact
Snigdha Nandan - Director, Digital Marketing at Mastercard Asia
Dr. Tuhin Banik - Founder of ThatWare
Jalpa Shah - Marketing Director at Tagit
Javin Chew - Head of Marketing at Cogoport
And many more...

Here are a few topics that we will be discussing at the event:

Interactive Content: The Key to Captivating Audiences in a Digital Era
Next-Gen SEO: Navigating the Ever-Evolving Search Engine Algorithms
Data Storytelling: Transforming Analytics into Actionable Insights
Digital Transformation in Marketing: Strategies for Adaptation and Growth
AI in Visual Storytelling: Innovations in Video Content Creation
Influencer Economy: Redefining Brand Endorsements and Social Engagement
Emotional Intelligence in Marketing: Building Lasting Connections Through Technology
And many more...

Check on the website for more informations

Level 8, One Marina Boulevard

1 Marina Boulevard B1-02, NTUC Centre, Singapura 018989