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Iftar Package at Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur


Ramadan is a month eagerly awaited by Muslims around the world. Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur always wants to share meaning and happiness with you, especially in this blessed month, so that we are ready to welcome back the day of victory with joy and pure hearts.

Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur presents "Rindu Ramadan" which will accompany you throughout the month of Ramadan from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Empire Terrace. For only Rp. 288,000 net per person and Rp. 168,000 net per child aged 6 - 12 years, you can enjoy a variety of dishes starting from Takjil, Various Sweet Porridge, Various Ice, Various Asinan and Manisan, Various Pempek, Fried Foods, Middle Eastern Dishes Such as Turkish Kebabs, Dim Sum, Sushi, Mexican Food, Main Courses, Traditional Foods, and Bandung Snacks.

"During Ramadan, Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur serves delicious dishes that can be enjoyed for a whole year. Because there are 366 days in 2024, we will serve 366 iftar dishes," said Chef Ricky Sulaiman, Executive Chef of Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur.

Enjoy a 20% discount by joining IHG One Rewards and get an additional 10% discount for those of you who will break the fast in the 1st and 4th weeks of Ramadan with payment using Mandiri Bank credit or debit card. Get the chance to win various attractive prizes.

In addition, Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur offers a "Takjil" package, for only Rp. 68,000 net per person, you can enjoy unlimited Takjil servings. The Takjil package will be available to accompany you from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at The Magenta Coffee and Wine.

For those of you who plan to stay in Ramadan, this hotel with 277 rooms offers "Ramadan Room Deals" with prices starting from Rp. 988,000 net per room per night, including suhoor and takjil for 2 (two) people. You can enjoy this package from March 11 to April 9, 2024.

Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur
Jl. Dr. Djunjunan No. 96, Bandung
P: (022) 2060123

Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur

Jl. Dr. Djunjunan No.96, Pasteur, Kec. Sukajadi, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40162