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KinoFest 2023 Shows the Latest German Films in the Southeast Asia and Pacific Region

The Goethe-Institut is holding the second edition of the annual German film festival KinoF

Richard Marx Songwriter Tour 2023

Musician Richard Marx wild held a concert at The Kasablanka Hall, Kasablanka City Jakarta on October 5th, 2023.


Fantastic Fest is Dangdut and Malay music genre that is most popular with Indonesian people because the lyrics relate

Bergembira Bersama Musik Festival

Bergembira Bersama is a festival that combines musical rhythms and natural harmony together.

The Great Journey Of Noah - Jakarta

A decade of journey has passed. Full of stories give birth to dreams full of meaning.

A Family Symphony Concert

"A Family Symphony" is a concert, where all family members from the father, mother, and their two children perform th

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