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Charles & Keith's "Summer Pop Up"; An Exclusive Showcase of Glamour and Style

On July 11th, What's New Bali was thrilled to be invited to the exclusive Charles & Keith "Summer Pop Up" event. Anticipation filled the air as we prepared to immerse ourselves in a world of fashion, style, and the latest summer trends.

Charles & Keith's "Summer Pop Up"; An Exclusive Showcase of Glamour and Style

The festivities kicked off at the magnificent Charles & Keith store located at Beachwalk Mall Bali, where we were greeted by an array of captivating designs from their summer collection.

C&K Beachwalk Store

The ambiance was electric as influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KoL) from Jakarta and Bali, including the likes of the Rahajeng Sisters, Bella Clarissa, Molita Lin, Gek Maha, Larissa, Jasmine Nadiko, and Putu Tania, showcased their distinctive styles while effortlessly posing with Charles & Keith's lavishly chic bag products. It was an opportunity to witness firsthand the fusion of high fashion and the creativity of these influential personalities.

Rahajeng Sisters Charles Keith
The Rahajeng Sisters; the posh siblings posing in front of Charles & Keith Beachwalk Store's gorgeous display

One of the highlights of the event was the pin customization service, where guests could personalize their chosen bag product with a custom-made silver pin. The attention to detail and the chance to create something unique truly added a personal touch to each purchase. We were impressed by the level of care and craftsmanship put into every aspect of the event.

Bella Clarissa Charles Keith
Bella Clarissa; another renowned Influencer joining the Pop Up fun

As the sun continued its journey across the sky, we made our way to Azure Beach Restaurant  at Kelan beach area in Tuban, where the roadshow continued. The venue was transformed into a seaside oasis, exuding elegance and sophistication. The entrance boasted chic walls adorned with bags, setting the tone for what lay ahead.

Charles & Keith Logo at Azure Beach Restaurant
Charles & Keith Logo at Azure Beach Restaurant

The centerpiece of the Azure Beach Club was undoubtedly the 'Charles & Keith' lettering positioned in front of a shimmering pool. It served as a captivating backdrop for photographs and emphasized the brand's commitment to both style and substance. Everywhere we looked, intricate displays of Charles & Keith's summer products caught our eye, tempting us with their allure.

DJ Charles Keith Azure Beach Restaurant

The atmosphere was vibrant, with the DJ setting the mood by playing catchy tunes that resonated with the crowd. Azure Beach Club, with its open-air indoor area, backyard oasis, and pristine beach below, offered a canvas for the influencers and KoLs to capture memorable moments. Against the backdrop of a clear, cloudless sky, the white sandy beach, and the vibrant blue ocean, they effortlessly showcased the beauty and essence of the Charles & Keith brand.

All attending guests were also treated to an exquisite 'light-bites' culinary experience, with free-flow canapés and refreshing mocktails that tantalized the taste buds. To add a touch of interactive fun, we even had the opportunity to create our own mocktails at the dedicated booth, adding a personalized twist to our evening.

Mocktail Freeflow Azure Beach Restaurant Charles Keith
Freeflow refreshing mocktail at Azure Beach Restaurant

As we reflect on our time at the Charles & Keith "Summer Pop Up" event, we cannot help but be captivated by the glamorous vibe that encapsulates the brand. The combination of stylish designs, breathtaking locations, and the presence of esteemed influencers and KoLs made for an unforgettable experience.

Through "Summer Pop Up", Charles & Keith have once again demonstrated their commitment to delivering innovative fashion experiences that leave a lasting impression. Their ability to seamlessly merge luxury and accessibility was apparent during the entire fiesta. "Summer Pop Up" was a celebration of elegance, style, and the essence of summer fashion. We left with a renewed appreciation for the brand's dedication to providing fashion-forward designs that empower individuals to express their unique personalities; inspired by the vision and creativity that Charles & Keith bring to the world of fashion.