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Ini Vie Hospitality support Bali's biggest clean up 2023

The annual event of Bali's biggest Clean Up was successfully held on 19th February 2023. Joining the event with full awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, Ini Vie Hospitality gives 100 percent support to this event. This year, up to 175 public and private spots in Bali will participate in this major clean-up initiative. Bali's Biggest Clean Up 2023 is bringing the idea of joining the movement whenever and wherever you are, thus there will most likely be more places and people participating in this occurrence.

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As we went down to participate in Bali's greatest clean-up event, we met Mentari, from One Island One Voice by Bye Bye Plastic Bag, one of the organizations in Bali that cares about plastic waste; she was invited and urged us to take part in the event and spread the word about this campaign.

“Let’s make the biggest noise, let’s make Bali clean again, I hope to see you,” said Mentari. 

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We also metEnni, Batu Bolong Beach clean-up coordinator, as she was psyched with the event and the amount of trash the participant collected. She hopes that more people participate in this event in the upcoming year. She believed Bali would be cleaner.

One of the participants in Bali's Biggest Clean Up 2023 from Australia commented that the event is fantastic because people are allowing themselves to join and perform the cleanup. She stated that the event is a wonderful cause and she is delighted to participate.

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Related to this event, plastic waste is still an unsolved problem. Indonesia is the world's second-largest producer of plastic debris entering the oceans. Indonesia generates 3.2 million tonnes of plastic garbage every year, with the majority of this material ending up in the oceans due to improper disposal. As a result, pollution in the environment has reached crisis proportions. Beginning with the state of the Final Processing Site (TPA), it is already threatened by overcapacity, degradation of coastal and marine habitats, poisoning of the food chain of living things, and the impending threat of a climatic disaster.

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With this problem in mind, there is little that can be done. Nevertheless, in the thick of the difficulties Bali's Biggest Clean Up during the last six years, has come with the initiative that attracted over 70,000 people in 560 places all across Bali to join and take part in preventing 203 tons of non-organic rubbish from entering the waters. This idea comes to the forefront of the people's movement in Bali and they work together with others to create change, this noble goal is the reason why Ini Vie Hospitality comes with its full support for this event.

To liven up the activity and provide full support for this event, Ini Vie Hospitality is holding a competition for clean-up participants to create interesting and unique videos or content during the clean-up session; the winner for the most interesting content will receive a prize in the form of a stay at the most trendy Hostel in Canggu, Roomates Canggu.