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Serene Nature Escapes: A 3-Day Staycation Bliss at Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud

Serene Nature Escapes: A 3-Day Staycation Bliss at Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Bali, Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud offers an idyllic retreat for those seeking tranquility and luxury. From savoring exquisite culinary delights at their renowned restaurants to rejuvenating spa treatments and scenic relaxation by the tropical lagoon pool, every moment at Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud is crafted to create timeless memories. Join What's New Bali as we experience a memorable 3-day, 2-night journey, exploring the serene landscapes and unparalleled hospitality of this hidden paradise.

Serene Nature Escapes: A 3-Day Staycation Bliss at Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud

Day 1: Arrival and Natural Immersion

Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud 1

We arrived at Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud and immediately felt so comfortable from the get-go. The hotel is truly a perfect place to unwind and immerse ourselves in nature. The scenic view of tall trees, greenery, and the tranquil pool below immediately captivated us. With its stunning views, spacious family-friendly villas, and a variety of indulgent experiences, this resort promises an unforgettable escape. At the center of the experience is the resort’s expansive tropical lagoon pool, designed for ultimate relaxation and leisure.

Lavish Panoramic Sanctuary

Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud 2

Our stay in the Arkamara Jungle Suite room was nothing short of spectacular. The lavish 53 sqm sanctuary features balconies that create a sense of floating among the tree canopies, spoiling us with panoramic views of the lush surroundings. The comfortable interior ambiance ensures that our rejuvenating connection with nature remains at full strength. These enchanting Balinese-style suites are elaborately furnished with carvings, offering stunning views and other well-thought-out amenities for guests. The spacious bathroom invited well-deserved moments of relaxation, enhancing our overall stay for the next 3 days.

Rooftop Noon Break: Juggan Sky

Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud 3

In the afternoon, we enjoyed tea at Juggan Sky, the resort’s new rooftop bar. Nestled in the heart of the Ubud jungle, Juggan Sky blends lifestyle and luxury with an eclectic ambiance. Here, we savored a wide array of drinks, including expertly crafted cocktails, local and international beers, refreshing mocktails, and exquisite wines. The menu, featuring delectable Western dishes, satisfied our cravings with freshly made homemade desserts like Dadar Gulung rolled pancake and Pisang Goreng banana fritters, meticulously presented. This delightful afternoon tea is included with every stay. For guests seeking a more extensive menu, Arkamara Dijiwa also offers a High Tea experience that includes eight savory delights, eight sweet treats, and a diverse choice of coffee, tea, or cocktail.

Dine and Unwind on Vantage Point

For dinner at Juggan Sky, we indulged in a delightful combination of Western culinary goodness. Our meal included a Maple Bacon & Chipotle Burger with pork bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, maple-glazed bacon, and chili mayo on a toasted sesame bun. The Poutine Fries, topped with melted mozzarella cheese and gravy, were a perfect complement. The Tasmanian Salmon, sous-vide and seared, served with mashed potatoes, capers, garlic butter sauce, and sautéed vegetables, was exquisite. We finished our meal with scoops of delicious gelato and a refreshing Berry Peach mocktail.

Day 2: Culinary Delights and Relaxation

Fresh Air and Delightful Breakfast

We woke up to the fresh air of Ubud and headed to KauKau Restaurant for breakfast. With a name inspired by the coconut, a staple ingredient in Bali, KauKau brings elegance to authentic Indonesian dishes with complex seasonings. This all-day dining restaurant with a pleasant open air setting offers a fantastic blend of flavors and cultures, using fresh, local produce. For breakfast, we enjoyed Homemade Granola with Fresh Milk, Pain Au Raisin, Two Eggs Scramble With Chives, Fried Rice with Fried Eggs, Acar pickle, and Crackers (kerupuk), and Bubuh Injin, a traditional Indonesian Organic Black Rice Pudding with Coconut Cream.

Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud 4

Lunch With Authentic Indonesian Elegance

Lunch at KauKau was equally delightful. We tried the Chicken Caesar Salad with grilled chicken, crisp romaine lettuce, bacon, creamy Caesar dressing, croutons, and parmigiano reggiano topped with a soft poached egg. The Spaghetti Carbonara, with mushrooms, pork bacon, cream sauce, and baguette croutons, was creamy and flavorful. We also enjoyed a Tropical Treat Smoothie Bowl with mango, banana, strawberry, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds, and Soto Ayam, an Indonesian chicken soup with vermicelli noodles, tomato, boiled egg, ginger and turmeric broth, celery, and crispy shallots. For dessert, we savored a Chocolate Lava Cake with strawberry coulis and vanilla ice cream, accompanied by an Arkara Ginger Spring mocktail, a sweet, sour, and fizzy drink with lychee, ginger, fresh lime juice, and lemonade.

Blissful Treatment

In the afternoon, we treated ourselves to a 60-minute massage at Kamalini Spa, a traditional ‘Rumah Kayu’ (wooden house) that blends seamlessly with nature. The wellness venue offers pure refreshment, a relaxation of the soul, and a journey of revival. Throughout our treatment, we were captivated by the soothing sound of trickling water from the nearby pond and the harmonious choir of insects from the surrounding lush trees and greenery; Ubud vibe at its finest! Inspired by the natural beauty of Bali and its rich cultural traditions, the spa offers a unique health and beauty experience. Here, skilled therapists use natural ingredients found in various indigenous flowers to provide an exceptional wellness treatment. The spa's Balinese Massage treatment works wonders in providing deeply relaxing effects for both our body and mind. The experience was rejuvenating, leaving us feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud 5

KauKau part 2: BBQ Buffet Goodness

For dinner, we enjoyed a BBQ Buffet with a live cooking station for beef, sausage, chicken wings, oyster, squid, and corn. The array of dishes, including Ayam Betutu, Fish Soup, Otak-Otak, and sweet desserts, provided a great combination of enticing flavors. The tender, succulent betutu chicken was a highlight. The meal was accompanied by heartfelt acoustic live music, creating a perfect dining atmosphere.

Day 3: Departure

Last Breakfast and Checking Out

On our final day, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast at KauKau Restaurant before checking out. Our 3-day, 2-night stay at Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud was a perfect blend of relaxation, culinary delights, and immersive experiences in the heart of Bali's serene landscapes. We left with cherished memories and a desire to return to this tranquil paradise.

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