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Tumpek Krulut; Bali's Day of Love and Musical Celebration

Tumpek Krulut; Bali's Day of Love and Musical Celebration

Often referred to as the 'Valentine's Day' of the Balinese Hindus, Tumpek Krulut holds a special place in the hearts of the islanders. As the world gears up for the universal celebration of love on February 14th, let's delve into the unique love and music instrument festivities that make Tumpek Krulut a captivating experience.

Tumpek Krulut; Bali's Day of Love and Musical Celebration

The Meaning

Comprising two meaningful words, 'Tumpek' and 'Krulut,' the term itself resonates with the essence of love and compassion. This unique celebration, occurring every 210 days, offers a profound connection with Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, embracing both fellow humans and the surrounding environment with a genuine sense of affection.

Tumpek Krulut Ceremony
IMG Credit: SMA Negeri 1 Petang

The Essence

Tumpek Krulut, observed on Sabtu, Kliwon, wuku Krulut, is a day of gratitude and devotion toward the Supreme God, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, in his manifestation as Dewa Iswara. This celebration specifically acknowledges the creation of sacred sounds and rhythms within the beauty of art. It is celebrated twice a year as a gesture of thanksgiving for the divine gift of these pure and sacred tones.

Cultural Significance and Symbolism

Beyond being a day of gratitude, Tumpek Krulut is considered Bali's unique version of a day dedicated to love – distinct from the conventional Valentine's Day celebrated with romantic outings. On Tumpek Krulut, the focus is on fostering love and compassion for the entire universe and its inhabitants. Hindus in Bali pay homage to Dewa Iswara, believed to manifest in the form of gamelan instruments, by sprinkling holy water on the instruments and offering symbolic 'sesajen' as a gesture of gratitude.

Tumpek Krulut Ceremony

The Rituals of Tumpek Krulut

The heart of Tumpek Krulut lies in the purification of a set of gamelan instruments. Devotees earnestly perform a cleansing ritual by sprinkling sacred water onto the gamelan set, aiming to remove any negative energies that may have attached themselves to the instruments. Offerings, or 'banten,' play a vital role in this celebration, with symbolic items such as banten peras, ajuman, tigasan, pejati, dananan, pesucian, tipat sirikan, tipat gong, and segehan panca warna, among others, presented according to the community's capacity and agreement.

The Spiritual Message

Tumpek Krulut conveys a profound message of genuine love, compassion, and benevolence. It emphasizes the importance of approaching one's work with sincerity and cultivating a sense of mutual care and support among individuals through the medium of art. This unique celebration fosters a sense of joy, attraction, and enchantment in life.

Tumpek Krulut Ceremony
IMG Credit: Diari Bali

In conclusion, Tumpek Krulut stands as a testament to Bali's rich cultural heritage and its unique way of celebrating love and artistic expression. Beyond the rituals and offerings, it serves as a reminder to approach life with sincerity, compassion, and an appreciation for the arts. As Tumpek Krulut unfolds twice a year, it provides a rhythmic and harmonic connection between the spiritual and cultural dimensions of Bali, creating a symphony of love that resonates through the island's vibrant traditions.