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Unveiling Sababay SANGRIA: Taste the Fun Feel The Color


Sababay Winery, a trailblazer in the Indonesian wine industry, proudly announces The Newest edition: Sangria!
A world of vibrant taste and colorful experience From the exotic spices and fruits of Indonesia, our SANGRIA series promises to elevate every moment with its unique blend of flavors.

#TasteTheFunFeelTheColors as you indulge in the essence of Indonesia's new latitude wine. Whether it is a casual hangout, a lively party, a cozy dinner or even when you just want to indulge yourself, our SANGRIA is here to infuse joy into every occasion.

Dive into our range of three delightful variants:

  • Sababay Red Sangria: A fresh and friendly touch of ripe fruits, cinnamon & spices, this bold flavor is perfect for unforgettable gatherings with loved ones.

  • Sababay White Sangria: Experience a Tropical burst with hints of lemon and white fruits, adding a refreshing touch to your festivities.

  • Sababay Rose Sangria: Indulge in a smooth, creamy texture infused with a mixed fruit basket, elevating your social gatherings to new heights.



Sababay winery believes in prioritizing sustainable practices and supporting local agriculture. All of our products are made with care, ensuring that each bottle reflects our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Choosing Sababay Sangria means enjoying a premium product while supporting sustainable winemaking in Bali.

Sababay Sangria is now available for purchase at select retailers and online through our official marketplace. Embrace the spirit of celebration with Sababay SANGRIA - where every sip is a celebration of life's colorful moments.

Sababay Winery
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