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Hungary's Finest Heritage Pork, Mangalica, Makes Its Debut in Indonesia: A Culinary Treasure Celebrating Hungary's National Pride

In an exciting gastronomic endeavour, Hungary proudly introduces its prized national treasure, Mangalica, to the Indonesian market. Mangalica, also known as "Hungary's Finest Heritage Pork," is a breed of swine revered for its exceptional flavour, marbling, and unique history.

Mangalica pork, the prestigious heritage pig breed from Hungary, has arrived in Indonesia, courtesy of MeatSupply Company, a renowned meat supplier in Indonesia specializing in high-quality and certified meat with traceability to its origin. This introduction marks an exciting milestone for Indonesian consumers who are now able to experience the unparalleled flavour and exceptional quality of Mangalica pork, renowned for its rich marbling and succulent taste.


Mangalica pigs, also known as "woolly pigs," are a rare and treasured breed native and known as one of the oldest pig breeds in Europe which dated 200 years old in Hungary. Their unique characteristics, including a thick, curly coat of wool-like hair, set them apart from traditional pig breeds. Mangalica pigs are raised with great care, spending their lives in a stress-free environment, allowing them to develop exceptionally flavourful and tender meat.

MeatSupply Company, a trusted name in the meat industry, has partnered with National Association of Mangalica Breeders – an authorized breeding organization in Hungary chaired by Peter Toth to bring this premium product to Indonesia. By combining their expertise in sourcing and importing with Hungary's rich culinary heritage, MeatSupply Company aims to provide Indonesian consumers with an unparalleled gastronomic experience using Mangalica pork.


"While the Mangalica pigs are a rare and treasured breed, it is essential to preserve their legacy by savouring their meat. By enjoying the exceptional flavour and tenderness of Mangalica pork, we not only indulge in a unique gastronomic experience but also support the efforts to maintain and protect these extraordinary animals. It is through our appreciation and consumption that we can ensure the continued existence of this old pig breed in Europe” according to Peter Toth, President of the National Association of Mangalica Breeders in Hungary.

"We are thrilled to introduce Mangalica pork to the Indonesian market. Mangalica is an extraordinary breed with exceptional taste and texture. We are confident that Indonesian consumers will appreciate its superior quality and savour every bite” said Robert Harianto, Co-Founder of MeatSupply Company.


A Mangalica Night recently was being held in Bali invited the culinary personas from various respected establishments in Bali’s culinary scene. Professional chefs and food & beverage leaders joined the dinner presented by MeatSupply Company where a sumptuous 4-course menu using Mangalica Pork was presented and twisted perfectly with touches of Indonesian taste and cuisine such as Mangalica Pork Loin with Belimbing Wuluh Chutney, Se’i Mangalica, Braised Mangalica Pork Neck with Tauco Glazed and the highlight of the menu was the Mangalica Porterhouse Steak. The exquisite dinner was created by Chef Yudhistira Hartanto. Chef Yudhis is also renowned as Butcher Chef Winner of Jakarta Butchers Challenge 2022.

“The arrival of Mangalica pork in Indonesia presents an exciting opportunity for local culinary professionals to explore new possibilities and create innovative dishes with touches of Indonesian culinary. Its versatility in cooking techniques, from grilling to slow roasting, ensures that chefs can unleash their creativity and elevate their culinary creations” added Robert Harianto.




Mangalica pork is distinguished by its intense marbling, which enhances both flavour and tenderness. The pigs' diet, which consists of acorns, barley, and other natural grains, contributes to the exquisite taste and exceptional quality of the meat. As a result, Mangalica pork offers a delectable and unique culinary experience, perfect for both discerning home cooks and professional chefs.

To learn more about Mangalica pork and its availability in Indonesia, visit MeatSupply Company’s Instagram at @meatsupplyco or view their catalogue in here.