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Festival Bahari 2023


The Badung Regency Tourism Office proudly presents the 2023 Maritime Festival. Taking place at the halfway Kuta Beach Skate Park Area, Badung, Bali, from October 1st to October 4th, 2023. The festival adopts the theme "Kuta Accolade" (appreciation for Kuta).

The festival not only serves as an initiative to respond to the challenges faced over the past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic but also aims to rejuvenate the potential allure of the destination. It invites both domestic and international tourists to rediscover the beauty and potential of this region.

"We invite all tourists, whether you have been familiar with Bali for a long time or are visiting for the first time, to celebrate the charm and culture of Bali at the 2023 Maritime Festival. Don't miss this opportunity to explore  the beauty of the island of the Gods while supporting the recovering tourism industry of Bali." ecouraged the Head of the Badung Tourism Office, I Nyoman Rudiarta.

This spectacular event will feature various activities and events that are sure to captivate visitor: Expo, culinary delights, and entertainment stage: the 2023 Maritime Festival is not just about tourism; it's also about supporting the local economy. The event will invite local SMEs to participate in the coastal festival. This is a perfect opportunity to taste and bring home various unique products from Bali. It will take place from October 1st to 4th at the halfway Kuta Beach Skatepark Area in Bali.

The festival's vibrancy will be enchanced by performances from well-known music artists and talented individuals from the samigita area, who will accompany the atmosphere from sunset to evening.

Sport competitions, for those seeking sporting thrills, the 2023 Maritime Festival will organized various extreme competitions, including surfing, skateboarding, and wall climbing. This is a chance for athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts to compete and showcase their skills under the bright Bali sun.

Art and creativity competitions and the sunset art movement, the pinnacle of Bali's creativity will be highlighted in events like body painting and art competitions such as fruit and vegetable carving. Artists will express themselves through amazing works of art. Additionally, spontaneous performances by musicians and dancers will respond to the sunset atmosphere each day.

Dragon boat racing, another exciting event highlight is the dragon boat racing, scheduled to be held at German Beach on October 4th. Watch teams compete courageously as they race their dragon boats through thrilling ocean waves.

Rock climbing for adventure enthusiasts, a rock climbing event will be held at Eiger Sunset Road on October 2nd and 3rd. Try this amazing challenge and feel the adrenaline rush!

Various music and cultural performances, the 2023 Maritime festival will pamper you with live performances from several renowned bands, including Joni Agung & Double T, Widi Widiana & Dek Ulik, The Hydrant, Stone Cold Killers, De Artha Band, Crazy Horse fear Danan, Reggae & Blues Band, Parade DJ & Bands, and Cultural Showcases by Kuta Artists.

Art and fashion shows, not only that but the event will also featuring rocking DJs, mesmerizing fashion shows, and a cultural showcase that will adorn the stage during the opening and closing ceremonies.