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A city guide that allows you to find and direct to your preferred nearby location, especially for diners and partygoers in Bali.

White Rock Beach Club

The Best Beachfront Club in Balibat Melasti Beach, Bali.
Open Daily 10 AM-11 PM

Rock Bar Bali

Legendary sunsets & cocktails, chill beats above the crashing waves

Old Man’s Bar Bali

Most Iconic Place in Bali. Open daily: 8 AM - 1 AM.


Legendary beachfront destination in Seminyak. 
Open Daily 10AM - 1AM

Rimba Jimbaran Bali

Hotel resort. Memorable escapes for those seeking nature and wellness in a lush tropical playground. 


Caucasian restaurant in Ubud.

Likin Good

Restaurant. Open Hour 12 PM - 9 PM.


Fungky Nemo

It’s time to get FUNKY. Bali’s Best: Chicken & Waffles, Fish & Chips
Operational hours 1PM - 1AM

Old Pals

Neighborhood Café & Taproom

Costa by Monsta

Open Daily 8am - 10pm. Live Music Every Night.