In addition to cameras, Gopros, surfboards, and flip-flops, drones have become one of the newest editions to any Nomads bag of travel gear. A direct result of becoming much cheaper, more reliable, more capable, and extremely compact. So, before you whip out your new Mavic Air from your back pocket and start buzzing around Bali’s cinematic beaches volcanoes, and rice fields, it might be a good idea to learn some rules and discover a few favorite spots suggested by some of the best digital nomads in the world.  After all, flying a drone alone can be overwhelming enough.

Be aware that What’s New Indonesia cannot be held responsible in any way for the information in this article. Flying a drone in respect of the local laws is your responsibility. While Drones are one of the fastest-growing technologies, regulatory and legal frameworks are having a hard time keeping up themselves. Therefore it is best to visit the Ministry Of Transportation Republic Of Indonesia website here.

Tip Before You Travel to Bali with Drone

I am sure you heard the term, “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. So, before you pack your bags for Bali, make sure you drain your batteries to around 30%, insert them in a lipo safe bag, then place them in separate pockets inside a hard-shell carry-on bag with your drone. If you pack your batteries in your check-in bag, they will be confiscated, even worse it gets hotter in the cargo area and you could run the risk of your batteries exploding and catching on fire. You run less risk by storing your batteries above your seat in the temperature-controlled cabin. Perhaps you will need to bring also tiny drone with camera.

In Bali, Drones Are Divided into Two Categories

1: Hobby and Recreation (DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic Air ETC.)

– Should weigh less than 2kg.
– No prior permission to fly them is needed other than nearby hotels or resorts.
– If you are flying a drone in Bali that weighs more than 2 kgs, you will be required to get a permit from the Directorate General Of Civil Aviation.

 2: Commercial Drones 

– Should weigh less than 2kg.
– No prior permission is needed to fly other than nearby hotels or resorts.
– The drone must be insured.
– The pilot must be a licensed drone pilot.


You Can Fly A Drone in Bali Under These Rules:

– Do not fly higher than 150 meters without a permit.
– Do not fly over people, crowds or gatherings.
– Only fly during daylight hours and good weather.
– Do not fly your drone near airports or in any area aircraft are operating. (15 km minimum).
– Do not fly over temples (Ask permission first and sometimes they will let you fly for $$$).
– Do not publish any commercial content without the written consent of the persons in the picture or video.
– Must be 18 years old.
– Only fly one drone at a time.
– Do not fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
– Do not operate from a moving car, motorbike, or any other moving vehicle.
– Minimum visibility 4.8 km.
– The maximum speed is 161 kmh.
– Do not fly into clouds, stay below 150m and at least a distance of 600 m.
– If flying near a hotel or resort you must get permission from the hotel manager.

No Fly Zones and Airspace

A good rule of thumb is to keep your drone under 150 meters. If you want to fly higher, you need to ask for a permit at least 14 days prior to your scheduled flight. You need to obtain a license for each flight you are taking just as a commercial airline would. If you break these rules you can be fined up to 1 billion Rupia and even sentenced to 3 years in an Indonesian prison.

By: Gerald Winik

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